A Guide To Seeing Snow White At Disney World

Snow White is a classic Disney movie that we all grew up with. If you are a fan of Snow White, you may be wondering where you can meet this iconic Disney character. We have put together a guide to seeing Snow White at Disney World in 2024.

Meeting Snow White at a character meet & greet in EPCOT's Germany Pavilion.
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Meeting Snow White at a character meet & greet in EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion.

Do you remember the first Disney film you ever watched? I do, it was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Why? Probably because my mom loved it from her childhood, and she wanted me to like it just as much. It didn’t happen, The Little Mermaid became my favorite, maybe it was Ariel’s rebellious spirit that just spoke to me.

A Guide to Seeing Snow White at Disney World

Imagine stepping into the magical world of Snow White, where you can meet your favorite characters, dine with them, and even join them on thrilling rides. At the Disney World theme parks, this enchanting dream becomes a reality.

Join me as I explore the various Snow White experiences across the Disney parks, creating memories that you and your family will cherish forever. See this YouTube short I took of Snow White.

I was able to recently meet Snow White in EPCOT. She recorded this secret message for my mom, and I used my iPhone camera so I apologize for not bringing my nicer camera setup to Florida.

Can I meet Snow White at Magic Kingdom?

Disney’s Magic Kingdom offers several unforgettable Snow White experiences, from parades to character dining and her very own ride!

I only got a glance at Snow White in the Festival of Fantasy parade in Magic Kingdom.
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I only got a glance at Snow White in the Festival of Fantasy parade in Magic Kingdom.

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Catch a glimpse of Snow White and her seven adorable dwarfs in the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Watch as they dance and sing down Main Street, USA, bringing the enchanting story to life before your very eyes.

Catching Snow White in the Festival of Fantasy Parade was the easiest way for me to catch Disney’s original princess as I was able to enjoy my Starbucks as she waved passing by me. It’s also the best way to see multiple Disney Princesses in a fun high-energy way.

Cinderella’s Royal Table Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious prix fixe character meal as the iconic princesses, including Snow White, visit your table and create magical moments with your family. Don’t forget to capture these special encounters with the help of Disney’s talented photographers.

Dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant does have a premium price tag, along with being one of the hardest reservations to secure. So if this is a priority to you, start looking at soon as the dining window opens for you.

Snow White's ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.
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Snow White’s ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

For an exhilarating experience, hop on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a family-friendly roller coaster that takes guests through the Dwarfs’ diamond mine. Be amazed by the advanced audio-animatronic versions of the Dwarfs hard at work, and join them at the end of the ride as they march home, singing “Heigh-Ho”.

You’ll also catch Snow White and the Dwarfs dancing in their cabin, while the Evil Queen watches on. This is a special nod to the original ride: Snow White’s Scary Adventures, which was a classic dark ride which closed when the New Fantasyland was reimagined.

Dine at Akershus at EPCOT next to the Frozen ride for a chance to meet Snow White and other Disney princesses.
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Dine at Akershus at EPCOT next to the Frozen ride for a chance to meet Snow White and other Disney princesses.

Can I Meet Snow White at EPCOT?

Epcot has some great opportunities to meet Snow White, including a special character meet that doesn’t normally have a very long wait!

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Venture into EPCOT’s World Showcase to continue your Snow White journey. Meet the beloved princess at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion, where you can enjoy a delightful meal with Snow White and other Disney Princesses.

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Snow White inside of EPCOT at the Germany Pavilion at Disney World

Germany Pavilion Meet and Greet

Next, head to the Germany Pavilion, the land that inspired the original Snow White story. Immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Germany as you explore its architecture, dining, and shopping options.

This is where you can meet Snow White by her famous wishing well from the movie. This is a wonderful character meet, that doesn’t normally have that long of a wait.

Don’t forget to check the My Disney Experience app for exact meet times with Snow White to ensure a magical encounter!

Snow White in Hollywood Studios: Fantasmic!

As the sun sets on your Disney World adventure, head to Hollywood Studios for a spectacular finale: the Fantasmic! evening show. This unforgettable performance features breathtaking pyrotechnics, water projections, and your favorite Disney characters.

During the show, watch in awe as Snow White and her Prince Charming appear on a beautifully illuminated water float, dancing gracefully to the enchanting music. It’s a sight you won’t want to miss on your Snow White Disney World journey.

A Storybook Dining Experience at Artist Point

For a one-of-a-kind dining experience, visit Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. The Storybook Dining Experience transports you to the enchanted forest, where you’ll dine with Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy, and even the Evil Queen. Each character visits your table, creating unforgettable moments for you and your loved ones.

Not only will you enjoy a unique meal with a poisoned apple dessert, but you’ll also have the opportunity to snap a photo with the Evil Queen in a special meet and greet. A Photopass photographer is on hand to capture those wickedly delightful memories.

This unique character dining experience is perfect for families seeking a magical meal with Snow White and her friends. Don’t miss out on this enchanting opportunity during your Disney World adventure.

What Questions Should I Ask Snow White?

  • How is Sneezy’s cold?
  • How are the Seven Dwarfs doing?
  • What is the best way to cheer up Grumpy in the morning?
  • Have you taken any apples from any old women lately?
  • What would you wish for now in a wishing well?
  • What is it like to clean up after seven men?
  • Where is your prince?
  • Which Dwarf is your favorite?
  • Have you looked into the magic mirror?

Does Snow White sign autographs?

Snow White signs autographs at her character dining experiences and also at her Epcot meet and greet.

Snow White-Themed Merchandise and Souvenirs

Throughout Disney World, you’ll find a treasure trove of Snow White-themed merchandise and souvenirs. From apparel and accessories to home décor and toys, there’s something for every Snow White fan to cherish.

Whether you’re shopping at the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs store at shopDisney, Volkskunst in the Germany Pavilion, or the World of Disney in Disney Springs, you’re sure to find the perfect Snow White keepsake to commemorate your magical Disney World adventure.

Snow White-themed merchandise and souvenirs in Disney World, the Dooney & Burke Purse we bought for my mom.
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Snow White-themed merchandise and souvenirs in Disney World, the Dooney & Burke Purse we bought for my mom.

My Mother-in-law is a big fan of the original Disney Princess. So during the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival, we found my mother-in-law a Dooney and Burke Snow White purse at EPCOT’s Creations Shop.  Since we had no room in our bags for our flight home, Disney was able to package and ship it home for us.

My mother-in-law absolutely adores the purse and uses it almost every day now. Don’t forget if you buy souvenirs like that to capture discounts as Annual Passholders, every dollar matters.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Snow White Disney World Adventure

To fully enjoy your Snow White Disney World adventure, planning ahead is essential. Use the My Disney Experience app to check character meet times, ensuring you don’t miss those precious moments with Snow White and her friends.

When it comes to popular attractions, like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, consider using FastPass+ options to avoid long lines. Alternatively, arrive at the park when it opens to experience the ride with minimal wait time.

Lastly, don’t forget to capture your magical memories with Disney’s talented photographers. They’ll help you preserve the unforgettable moments you share with Snow White and her friends, creating a collection of keepsakes that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Other Disney Princess Experiences

While Snow White may be the star of this journey, Disney World offers many other princess experiences for you to explore.

Meet Ariel at her Grotto, where you can share a magical moment with the beloved mermaid princess.

Another enchanting experience awaits at Enchanted Tales with Belle. Step into the world of Beauty and the Beast as you join Belle for a captivating storytelling adventure.

From dining with Cinderella at Cinderella’s Royal Table to get a Disney Princess makeover at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, there’s no shortage of magical princess encounters to be had at Disney World.

Related Questions for Snow White Fans

Is the Snow White ride still at Disney World?

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a family-friendly roller coaster that takes guests through the Dwarfs’ diamond mine at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The ride features advanced audio-animatronics of the Dwarfs hard at work, as well as Snow White and the Evil Queen.

This enchanting ride puts you right in the heart of the Snow White story, providing an immersive experience you won’t soon forget. Don’t miss the chance to join Snow White and her seven dwarfs on this magical adventure.

Why did Disney World get rid of the original Snow White ride?

Disney World had to close Snow White’s Scary Adventure in 2012 because it was too scary for their younger guests, and it was also in need of an upgrade. The Fantasyland expansion provided a great opportunity to create a new Snow White-themed experience that better suited the desires of their visitors.

Is the Snow White ride still at Disney World?

Unfortunately, the original Snow White ride is no longer at Disney World. It closed in 2012 and has been replaced by Princess Fairytale Hall as part of Fantasyland’s expansion. A new family roller coaster has been built known as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Is Snow White your favorite Disney princess? Where is your favorite place to meet her?

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