Princess Rapunzel: Where to Meet Her at Disney World

Tangled is an amazing Disney princess action adventure movie. If you are a fan of the movie you may wondering where to meet Rapunzel at Disney World on your next vacation.

Where to meet Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom, Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom. This is a princess character meet available for Genie+
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Where to meet Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom, Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom. This is a princess character meet available for Genie+

Where to Meet Rapunzel at Disney World

I am a big fan of the Tangled movie so naturally Rapunzel is one of my favorite Disney characters. Meeting her in Magic Kingdom was a magical experience.

Rapunzel appears throughout the Walt Disney World Resort in many places. This is a complete guide to seeing Rapunzel in Walt Disney World so you don’t miss any opportunities to include your favorite Disney princess in your Disney trip.

Can I meet Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom?

The Magic Kingdom Park has some amazing opportunities to meet and see Princess Rapunzel. There are many opportunities to see her and be immersed in her beautiful area for the best day ever!

Festival of Fantasy Parade

There is a special Tangled float in the Disney Festival of Fantasy parade. It has swinging pendulums with a Snuggly Duckling sign. Rapunzel dances back and forth with a big frying pan, while Flynn Ryder and Maximus swing back and forth on the float!

Rapunzel on the Tangled float in the Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kingdom along with her friends from the Snuggly Duckling.
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Rapunzel on the Tangled float in the Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kingdom along with her friends from the Snuggly Duckling.

Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire is a stage show hosted by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This happens multiple times a day in front of Cinderalla Castle.

This show has its very own Rapunzel musical scene with Flynn Rider, Princess Rapunzel, Vladimir and Hookhand, along with their ruffian friends. 

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table is one of the more expensive character dining experiences. This signature dining restaurant is inside of the castle. Cinderella is the host with many of the classic princesses visiting. Rapunzel is not always there, but sometimes she will make a special appearance.

Character meals are the best places to have character experiences without having to wait in line. Popular character meals require advanced planning though. You will want to make a dining reservation for Cinderella’s Royal Table 60 days before your trip.

Rapunzel's Tower and the Rapunzel bathrooms in Magic Kingdom. Rapunzel fans can't miss this themed area!
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Rapunzel’s Tower and the Rapunzel bathrooms in Magic Kingdom. Rapunzel fans can’t miss this themed area!

Princess Fairytale Hall

You can meet Rapunzel at Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom along with Princess Tiana. There are two separate queues at this Princess Fairytale Hall attraction.

Next door at a separate meet you can meet Cinderella and Princess Elena of Avalor or a different princess at this Princess Fairytale Hall attraction. The princesses do change out, but there should be a sign out front with who the visiting princess is, or you can always ask the cast members at the entrance.

The Disney princesses at Princess Fairytale Hall can change so be sure to check the My Disney Experience App for the latest information on who you can meet at Princess Fairytale Hall.

Princess Fairytale Hall is on the list of Genie+ attractions. The stand-by line can get pretty long, especially on hot days. Use the Lightning Lane at this attraction to cut down on your wait time for Rapunzel and Princess Tiana.

Rapunzel Bathrooms

Yes, Rapunzel has very owned themed bathrooms and area between New Fantasyland and the Haunted Mansion. The bathroom are beautifully themed, and there are lanterns that light up at night. It is the most magical place when it is dark out. You can even see Rapunzel’s tower in the background.

There is a beautiful garden area where you can charge your devices and rest or eat lunch. You can even search for hidden Pascal’s throughout the entire area.

Does Rapunzel Sign Autographs?

Yes, Rapunzel is currently signing autographs when you meet with her at Princess Fairytale Hall. Be sure to bring your autograph book with you or other autograph item. 

I have seen fun keepsakes lately like photos or cups that characters sign instead of a book. This is a great souvenir to bring home with you at the end of your trip.

Lanterns around Rapunzel's Tower in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
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Lanterns around Rapunzel’s Tower in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Is Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom every day?

Right now you can find Rapunzel as a visiting princess at Princess Fairytale Hall every day. This character meet may change at any time. If you are a fan of Rapunzel, be sure to meet her now while you can!

What Questions Should I Ask Rapunzel?

  • How long does it take you to brush your hair?
  • How is Pascal?
  • Where is your saucepan?
  • Can you teach me how to hold the frying pan?
  • What is your new dream?
  • What is your favorite thing about the village of Corona?
  • Have you been to the Snuggly Duckling lately?
  • How did you accomplish so much in the morning?
  • How is Eugene?
9 Questions to ask Rapunzel when you meet her
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Where is Rapunzel’s Castle Located In Disney World?

Rapunzel’s Tower is easy to miss if you don’t know that it’s there. You will find the Rapunzel tower near Haunted Mansion between Liberty Square and Fantasyland.

The theming for the bathrooms and outside of the tower is nothing short of Disney magic. There is also a great Magic Shot available with a lantern in this area after dark. You will see a PhotoPass photographer here when it’s available.

Rapunzel's Tower where you can find the lanterns and Rapunzel bathroom.
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Rapunzel’s lanterns where you can find the Rapunzel bathroom.

Where Else Can I See Rapunzel Beside Magic Kingdom?

Every now and then, Rapunzel may pop up around Epcot for special surprise meet and greets like the one in this video!

Watch this Fun Rapunzel Meeting in EPCOT

Character Meals are the best way to to experience character interactions without having to wait in long lines. The Bon Voyage Breakfast that used to be at Trattoria Al Forno on Disney’s Boardwalk used to have Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder, and Ariel and Prince Eric.

This has not returned since the pandemic. There have not been any announcements for it’s return, but it is an amazing experience.

Rapunzel Everything you need to know before you meet rapunzel
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Rapunzel was such a fun princess meet and greet. We enjoyed talking to her about adventures we went on in Walt Disney World and her favorite adventures. We also talked about Pascal and her friends in Corona that help her braid her hair.

She was one of my favorite princesses to meet on our last Disney trip. Tangled fans will also find Rapunzel throughout Magic Kingdom in the Festival of Fantasy Parade, Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire, and Rapunzel’s Tower and bathrooms.

Related Questions

Do you need a reservation to meet princesses at Disney World?

You do not need a reservation for Princess Fairytale Hall to wait in the standby line. You can use Genie+ for Princess Fairytale Hall. You will need a reservation to meet Rapunzel at any character dining locations.

Can you meet Rapunzel in Epcot?

At this time, you can not meet Rapunzel anywhere in EPCOT, unless she does a surprise character pop up. Rapunzel does not normally appear at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. 

Can you meet Rapunzel in Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom?

Rapunzel is only available in Magic Kingdom at this time.

What princesses can you see at Epcot?

Meet Anna and Elsa in the Norway Pavilion at Royal Sommerhus, Aurora and Belle in the France Pavilion, Princess Jasmine in the Morocco pavilion, and Snow White in Germany.

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