Official Answer To Rumor; Is Animal Kingdom Closing?

Is Animal Kingdom Closing? This full day park is rumored to be closing.
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Is Animal Kingdom Closing? This full-day park is rumored to be closing.

Animal Kingdom is not permanently closing in 2024. Over the years, I’ve heard some wild rumors about the Walt Disney World resort. Recently, online news sources shared that Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park might be closing.

The Walt Disney Company has not announced any permanent closures for Animal Kingdom. The sources for the closing rumors are not reputable sources.

Today, I will tell you if the rumors are true and where they originated. What does the future hold for this popular theme park in Orlando?

Recap of the rumor of Animal Kingdom Closing

  • No, Animal Kingdom is not closing.
  • Rumor sites started this on TikTok.
  • Animal Kingdom closes earlier than other parks for the health and safety of the animals.

Keep reading as I uncover more about the theme park’s future and who is sourcing these crazy rumors. I’ve been going to Disney World for over 10 years now almost every month – I also have made a number of friends with cast members who let me know when I come across something that makes me go, huh. So you can trust that my findings will have actual links to facts you can verify.

What Are the Rumors About Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

If you’ve visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in the past, you’ll know it’s a very popular park with locals and visitors. This theme park offers you the chance to experience up close and personal encounters with animals.

Animal Kingdom is home to popular attractions such as Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids. You can also find my favorite attraction – Avatar Flight of Passage.

Recently, I’ve heard some wild rumors about the theme park. I am shocked to read reports suggesting the park might close next year. It’s one of the best theme parks in the world. Today, I will discover why these rumors started in the first place.

The Tree of Life is the center of Animal Kingdom
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The Tree of Life is the center of the Animal Kingdom

This Disney park rumor began on TikTok, where a viral video has now gathered a staggering 2.8 million views. It’s no surprise this has led to concern from Disney fans, who are wondering about the future of the theme park.

The video shares that the park might close for good as it will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. The video states that the park has high operating costs and low revenue and is the least visited of Orlando’s four Disney theme parks.

While some of these facts may be true, the company has no official information about the park closing or changing how it operates. One of the reasons this park is often seen as less popular is due to the early closing time it has most days.

Even Disney’s Hollywood Studios now have longer operating hours, especially with the addition of Star Wars Land. People usually find they finish exploring Animal Kingdom by the time it closes, especially during the hot summer months.

Lion King Statue in Animal Kingdom featuring Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa
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Lion King Statue in Animal Kingdom featuring Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa

Who Created This TikTok Video?

This TikTok video, which you can check out here, came from a parody news outlet called The Mouse Trap. As the name suggests, the site prides itself on offering Disney satire news.

People believe anything they see online about the Walt Disney World resort. These beliefs lead to rumors like the closing of Animal Kingdom.

I always encourage you to do your research when it comes to the Walt Disney Company. This way, you won’t find incorrect information about park hours or anything that could impact your future Disney vacations.

Directional Sign in Animal Kingdom featuring Pandora, Africa, It's Tough to Be a Bug, and Dinoland USA.
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Directional Sign in Animal Kingdom featuring Pandora, Africa, It’s Tough to Be a Bug, and Dinoland USA.

Who is Sourcing These Types of Rumors?

People have many reasons to go against the Disney company to create crazy rumors. Companies may think it’s a funny thing to do, or they may have more malicious intentions.

I recommend taking anything you read on parody sites or unofficial news sites with a pinch of salt. These sources often don’t have enough credible information to back up their rumors. People have been sharing wishful thinking online to influence the company for years.

Until I hear the official word from Disney, it’s not worth getting too excited or upset about anything you hear online. I am pleased that Disney’s Animal Kingdom park doesn’t seem to be closing anytime soon, as it’s somewhere I love to explore over and over again.

Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari Reminders Sign reminding guests to be respectful of the animal's habitat and keep the live animals safe at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
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Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari Reminders Sign reminds guests to respect the animal’s habitat and keep the live animals safe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Why is Animal Kingdom Closing Early?

One of the reasons that people tend to think that Disney’s Animal Kingdom isn’t doing as well as the other theme parks is the park’s early closing hours. Remember that the park is also home to live animals who need care.

Animal Kingdom does extend hours during the holiday season to accommodate crowds. Disney must be mindful about subjecting the animals to too much noise at night.

Attractions such as Kilimanjaro Safaris also can’t function at night. The animal exhibits often close a few hours ahead of other rides during later operating hours.

I recommend getting here for rope drop when spending a day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Not only will you be able to get ahead of the crowds, but you can also enjoy seeing the animals during the cooler part of the day.

A Disney vacation can be quite a tiring experience, but getting up early is worth the short wait times you’ll experience. The more limited schedules here mean you need to be mindful of how you spend your day so that you don’t miss out on the biggest attractions in the theme park.

The park has some more popular months than others, but using the My Disney Experience app before your trip can help you know what to expect ahead of time.

Animal Kingdom's Mount Everest Ride viewed from the backside of the attraction.
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Animal Kingdom’s Mount Everest Ride is viewed from the backside of the attraction.

Are Parody News Accounts Legally Allowed to Report Rumors?

Here is one of the parody news accounts reporting the rumor.

These crazy rumors might make you wonder if these parody sites are legal. Many parody sites have been sued over the years, coming under legal attack for making false rumors about companies or products.

However, satire, which aims to humorously mock companies or individuals, is protected speech. Of course, a very fine line needs to be treated with care. It’s up to companies to add disclaimers to their site and content to ensure they don’t cause damage to anyone else.

I’ve heard some crazy rumors over the years from Disney. Finding a trusted site like ours will make planning your trip much easier.

The rumor mill is in full swing when attractions go into a lengthy refurbishment. A few examples would be Splash Mountain or Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Both have been confirmed closed.

Animal Kingdom's Pandora. The theming in Animal Kingdom is incredible, I hope this park never closes!
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Animal Kingdom’s Pandora. The theme in Animal Kingdom is incredible. I hope this park never closes!

Visiting Animal Kingdom in 2024

If you plan a Disney trip this year, I recommend adding a day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With so many new attractions over the past years, there’s something for everyone here.

Whether you want to enjoy your favorite ride again or see the animals roaming around, it’s the perfect park to visit any time of the year. Due to school break crowds, the most popular months here include December, March, April, June, and July.

You will enjoy exploring this park more outside of the summer months. It’s known for getting very hot in the park due to the plant life and trees. The average wait times can rise a lot in the summer, so consider returning to your hotel rooms for an afternoon break if needed.

While the park has no nighttime spectaculars, there are some great shows. Always keep an eye on the latest news to see what’s going on in the park. You’ll get an idea of the average wait time for your visit when you use the app.

The early theme park entry is a great option for anyone staying onsite. You’ll get 30 minutes to explore, which I recommend using to see Pandora: The World of Avatar. This themed area is spectacular; the new attractions and technology will blow you away.

Moana is a fun meet and greet worth standing in line for on your next vacation
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Moana is a fun meet and greet worth standing in line for on your next vacation

Always look at temporary closures for your vacation dates as well. This way, you can plan around a closed ride that you want to be a part of your trip.

Disney Genie and individual lightning lanes have had a mixed reception from Disney fans. It can help to show you the actual wait times in the parks and give you the official park guide of what to do and when. This helps you to avoid long lines and have a good time exploring the park.

In recent years, the internet has caused a lot of issues for Disney fans, who sometimes fall into the trap of believing the Disney rumors online. When it comes to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, even if it’s the least visited Disney park, you’ll find it’s not close anytime soon.

What is Coming to Animal Kingdom in 2024 and Beyond?

Disney announced at the D23 expo event in September that Dinoland would be getting an overhaul. Parts of Animal Kingdom have been experiencing low attendance, so it makes sense that Disney would be reimagine those places.

In this new land called Tropical Americas will focus on Indiana Jones, and the Pixar movie, Encanto. Along with that, a new live-action play will be shown at the Tree of Life featuring Zootopia.

a new Tropical Americas Land will be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom in the next few years
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A new Tropical Americas Land will be coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the next few years.

Disney World ride closures are found on the official park website. Make sure you use this when planning your next Walt Disney World trip. This will help you avoid getting into trouble with your friends and family. It will also help to stop the spread of these untrue rumors that often find their way around the internet and cause upset for everyone.

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