Everything You Need to Bring to Walt Disney World in 2023

Ready to spend a magical day roaming the Walt Disney Theme Parks? If you are starting to pack for your trip visiting The Happiest Place on Earth, we have a great list that can help you remember everything you need! Since the pandemic has hit, there have been many changes to Walt Disney World, and we have updated our packing list to let you know what you should bring while attending Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Before you get started packing for your trip, you will want to make sure you have your ticket purchased ahead of time and make a reservation through the app. Click here for help making a park reservation. Disney now requires reservations be made for entry to the park and you will need to download the My Disney Experience app, which makes it quick and easy to obtain those reservations. If you choose to purchase a Park Hopper ticket you do not need to make reservations for every park you want to go to. You will make reservations to the park you are planning on going to first, then after 2:00 p.m. you can switch to the different Disney Theme Parks with your Park Hopper Ticket.

After you have those reservations made you will be ready to start packing! Before hitting the road, here is a list of helpful items that can help you have a perfect Disney day:

  • Comfortable Backpack

When traveling through the parks you will want to make sure to have a comfortable backpack to take along throughout the day. Weather it’s your wallet, keys, or little souvenirs the kids pick up, having a backpack to put your things in can come in handy! It is recommended to bring a bag that is big enough for all your needs, but not too large, that way you can bring your bag on rides with you easily. When packing, make sure you pack lightly so carrying it all day does not become too heavy. I also like to pick a bag my spouse won’t mind carrying also. This way we can share the bag and neither of us have to carry it all day.

While taking a trip to Walt Disney World, you can guarantee you will be on your feet most of the day. Make sure to pack shoes that are comfortable and fit well that you can wear all day. You will want to pick a shoe that has good support. Ideally, you would not want to pack a shoe you have never worn before, because wearing shoes for the first time can cause blisters. You may also want to bring a small pack of band aids just in case you do happen to get a blister it won’t ruin your day. 

  • Snacks

That backpack can defiantly come in handy with snacks! Disney prices on food are high, so save some money on snacks and put those funds towards your meals for the day! A few great snack ideas to bring to your day at the parks are granola bars, individual snack packs, or even a launchable. You can bring a small lunch box with an ice pack to help keep your food cold if needed. Plan ahead and pack Disney themed snacks like Mickey Goldfish or Frozen String Cheese, both you can find at Target.

  • Water Bottle

When you are spending the day walking in the heat of Florida, it is easy to become dehydrated fast! Even buying a bottle of water at Disney can be expensive, as they typically sell about $3.00 a bottle. Pack yourself a water bottle you can refill during the day to help stay hydrated. Make sure to pack a stainless-steel water bottle that will keep your water cold and your ice from melting during the day.

  • Sun Protection

Make sure to protect yourself from the Florida sun while spending the day outside walking around. You can pack things like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to help save you from the strong Florida sun. When packing sunscreen, make sure to pack at least SPF 50 or higher to protect you and the kids from those UV Rays that are much stronger in Florida! I would highly recommend not using spray on sunscreen in Florida. When you use the lotion, you cover more skin area and will miss less spots than when using the spray sunscreens. One thing many people also don’t think to bring is lip protection. Make sure to pack a ChapStick to help your lips from getting sunburnt also.

  • Rain Gear

If you are traveling to Florida during hurricane season, you will get wet on your trip! Florida during the summertime has an afternoon shower almost every day, so make sure to pack rain gear to help stay dry. A poncho or rain jacket can help with keeping your clothes dry, that way if it does rain, you don’t have to walk around in wet clothes all day. Ponchos are great because they fold up little to fit in a backpack easily, and most are disposable, so you can throw them away once you are finished using them. You can also bring a small umbrella if there is going to be light rain or if you don’t want to worry about a poncho.

  • Portable Backup Battery

Make sure to bring a portable backup battery to keep your phone charged during your day at Disney! Between taking pictures, videos, and using the My Disney Experience app, your cellphone battery will deplete quickly throughout the day. Pack along a portable battery so you don’t miss capturing a great moment because your phone is dead. Make sure to get some good pictures and videos of the fireworks show at the end of the day with a fully charged battery!

  • Cooling Gear

If you are planning to visit Walt Disney World in the summertime, most days will be in the 90’s. The heat can be hard for many people to deal with, especially children. Make sure you pack yourself and kids a way to cool down, like some cooling towels or a fan with a water mister. You can but these at the park, but you will be paying a premium for buying them there. Amazon has many options and even ones the kids can pick out with fun Disney characters on them!

  • Cold Weather Outfits

Are you planning on heading to Disney November through March? During these months the weather at Disney World can get pretty chilly, especially in the morning and at night. On those cold days at Disney, make sure to pack a warm coat for everyone in your party. If you are going to stay late and watch Disney Enchantment or Harmonious, make sure to bring warm coats, hats, and gloves for the little ones. It can get windy and cold out. Help the kids stay warm and enjoy the show all bundled up. Hot Cocoa always helps with that too!

  • Strollers/Wheelchairs

Disney does offer stroller and wheelchair rentals, but they ones they offer are very basic options. The strollers they offer for rentals are not to be used with babies who cannot sit up by themselves. They also do not have much storage on them for storing diaper bags or any of the new 50th Anniversary gear you may want to buy on your trip. If you have a stroller or wheelchair you use regularly and you have the option to bring it to Walt Disney World, make sure you bring it to the parks. It is important to remember Disney does not allow wagons into their Theme Parks, you must bring strollers you push Infront of you.

While being prepared on your Disney trip can save you time and money, one great comfort about going to Disney is that if you forget anything, they are sure to have it! What you need to bring specifically on your list will greatly depend on the time of year you are going, who you are going with, and your own personal preferences. Do you have any tips or additions you would add to the list? What would you bring to make your day at Walt Disney World a little easier?

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