Where to Meet Princess Moana at Walt Disney World

My family loves the Moana movie. There is just something about her journey of self discovery and her connection to the ocean and nature that is truly inspiring. If you are a fan of the Polynesian princess, you may be wondering where to meet Moana at Disney World on your next Disney vacation.

Meet Moana
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Meet Moana at the Character Landing in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Photo by Bayley Clark for Magical Guides.

Where to Meet Moana at Disney World

Moana used to be considered a rare character, and was only able to be seen during special events and holiday parties. With the opening of her newest attraction, and the 25th anniversary of Animal Kingdom, there are now more places that you can meet her in the Disney theme parks.

Can I Meet Princess Moana at Magic Kingdom?

Moana does not have a special meet and greet at Magic Kingdom and she is not in any stage shows, or the Festival of Fantasy parade. You can however see her in a special character cavalcade each day!

While standing in line to meet Moana at the Character Landing, we were able to see the cavalcades come by. Keep an eye out for your favorite characters like Doug and Russell from UP!
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While standing in line to meet Moana at the Character Landing, we were able to see the cavalcades come by. Keep an eye out for your favorite characters like Doug and Russell from UP! Photo by Bayley Clark for Magical Guides.

Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade

The Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade takes place twice a day at Magic Kingdom on Main Street. This cavalcade features the most Disney World characters of any cavalcade to date! It features popular characters from The Incredibles, The Jungle Book, Coco, Zootopia, Encanto, Aladdin, Moana and more!

Check the My Disney Experience app for exact show times for the day that you will be at the Magic Kingdom park The cavalcade is usually in the mornings before the Festival of Fantasy Parade and in the early evenings before the fireworks show. It is a great place to see some of your favorite and rare characters that you may not be able to normally see.

Holiday Parties

The only way that you used to be able to meet Moana was at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. She used to meet under the Enchanted Tiki Lounge during the parties and you would have to wait in long lines to meet her .

Now that she has her own dedicated space in two of the Walt Disney World theme parks she no longer meets at any of the holiday parties.

Can I meet Moana at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park?

Other than the holiday parties, the very first character meet and greet for Moana was at Animal Kingdom for the park’s 25th anniversary.

You used to be able to see her floating by on a flotilla on the Discovery River, but now she has her very own dedicated space on Discovery Island.

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Meet Moana at the Character Landing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Photo by Bayley Clark for Magical Guides.

Meet Moana at Character Landing

You can meet Moana at Character Landing on Discovery Island, right before the entrance to Dinoland U.S.A. This new character meet was the former meeting place for Pocahontas.

There is a beautiful walking trail that will lead you to an immersive experience where Moana will tell you all about her adventures and talk to you about caring for the environment. This meet and greet is decorated with tapa cloths that tell stories and memories from her island of Motonui. 

Character Landing Sign at Disney's Animal Kingdom. You can find out who the character is and how long they will be there. You can also find this information on the My Disney Experience App.
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Character Landing Sign at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can find out who the character is and how long they will be there. You can also find this information on the My Disney Experience App. Photo by Bayley Clark for Magical Guides.

Can I Meet Moana at Hollywood Studios?

You can not meet Moana at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, though you can see her during the nighttime spectacular Fantasmic!

A new Heroes segment was added to the show in 2022 which includes a special scene for Moana. Moana interacts with the water and lights in an amazing scene where a manta ray comes and glides across the water. She also makes the water rise and fall to the music as she holds up the glowing heart of Tefiti during her finale.

You can also see Moana with all of the characters on the big steam boat during the finale of the show. Fans of Fantasmic! will notice that she has replaced stitch on the boat.

Can I Meet Moana at Epcot?

There is a brand new Moana meet at Epcot, right next to the Journey of Water which is a new experience that you won’t want to miss.

Journey of Water Attraction in EPCOT
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Journey of Water Attraction in EPCOT. Photo by Bayley Clark for Magical Guides.

Journey of Water Attraction, Inspired by Moana

The Journey of Water is a new Moana attraction located in World Nature at Epcot that opened on October 16, 2023. It is directly across from the Land Paviliion.

This new experience is inspired by the water from the Moana film. This is not a ride, but a lush, walk through exploration trail with some amazing water features that come to life and allow you to interact with them in some very magical ways.

Epcot has always been a place for education and learning, so this attraction can be a very educational experience for your children. Throughout the attraction they will learn about the water cycle and the balance of water and how it sustains our natural world.

Journey of Water Attraction lit up at night. Photo by Sarah for MagicalGuides.com.
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Journey of Water Attraction lit up at night. Photo by Sarah Joy for MagicalGuides.com.

It is a great place to cool off on a hot day. Don’t worry if you don’t want to get wet, there is a dry path where you can still experience everything without getting soaked!

There are also some wonderful photo opportunities throughout this attraction. At the end of the trail is a beautiful, life size topiary of Te Fiti with real foliage and flowers! This is the best place for a photo and there is usually a Photopass photographer available to capture your memories!

Make sure to visit it during the day, and also at night for two completely different experiences. It is so beautifully lit with torches and the glowing Epcot ball in the background at night and is not as crowded as during the day.

Journey of Water Attraction in EPCOT
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Journey of Water Attraction in EPCOT. Photo by Bayley Clark for Magical Guides.

Character Meet and Greet at Journey of Water

After the opening of Journey of Water, there is now a new Moana meet right outside of the entrance under a large sail covering. This new character meet is a another great opportunity to meet Moana in a perfectly themed setting. The background has beautiful plants and rocks that match the theming of Journey of Water.

The times to meet her are posted on the sign outside, as well as in the My Disney Experience App. The line to meet her fills up fast, so make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of the posted character meet time.

What Questions Should I ask Moana?

Moana is so much fun to meet. Make sure to ask her about her pets and what her next adventure will be. She will pose with you and even show you how strong she is if you ask her to! Here are some fun questions to engage in conversation when you meet her.

  • Where is Hei Hei?
  • What is Pua up to?
  • Where is Maui?
  • What is your favorite part of the ocean?
  • Can you sing me your favorite song?
  • What is the next adventure you plan on taking?
  • How do you navigate the ocean at night?
  • Where do you keep your boat?
  • Have you been on any adventures lately?

Does Moana Sign Autographs?

Moana will happily sign autographs at her character meet in Animal Kingdom and at her new meet in Epcot near Journey of Water.

Related Questions

Is There a Moana Ride at Disney?

There is no Moana ride at Disney World, only the Journey of Water which is a Moana inspired attraction experience at Epcot. There have been some rumors for a potential Moana themed ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There has even been some concept art designs.

Disney has mentioned, and even shown concept art for a potential Moana ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This would be in an area slated to replace Dinoland which is being called the Tropical Americas. Since Moana already has a presence at Animal Kingdom, a ride in the new Tropical Americas seems quite fitting.

We met Moana at Animal Kingdom and she talked about her latest adventures. Check it out!

When Does Moana 2 Come Out?

Moana fans were so excited to hear the big announcement that Moana 2 will premiere on November 27, 2024. From Walt Disney Animation Studios, Moana 2 takes place three years after her first voyage.

This animated musical takes Moana, Maui and a new crew of adventurers on a journey to the seas of Oceania in search of people beyond the shores of Motunui.

Will There Be a Live Action Moana?

A live action Moana was announced that it would be released in 2025. Since that announcement, there have been lots of new announcements of movies including Moana 2. The live action Moana is now scheduled to be released in July of 2026.

It will star Dwayne Johnson, in his original role as the demigod Maui. The actress to play the live-action Moana has not been announced yet.

Is there a Moana Character Meal?

There are currently no character meals where you can meet Moana. If you are looking to meet other Disney princesses, you will want to try to get a dining reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom, or Akershus Royal Banquet in Epcot.

Where can you get Moana Themed Treats?

There have been some amazing Moana themed treats over the years at various places at Disney theme parks and resorts. These change quite often so there isn’t always a guarantee that you can find them. In the past this is what we have found:

  • Sunshine Seasons in Epcot – Moana Milkshake – an orange cream milkshake with whipped cream, seashells, pearls, and a Moana coin.
  • Animal Kingdom Pizzafari – Heart of Tefiti Cupcake – a coconut cake with pineapple custard filling, cocobut butter cream and a white chocolate heart of Tefiti.
  • Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian – Tamatoa Dole Whip Cone – Inspired by the “shiny” villain, this cone is a dole whip raspberry and orange swirl with a shiny white chocolate coating on the cone.
  • Captain Cooks at the Polynesian – Head over to Captain Cooks to grab the Moana Cupcake. It is a vanilla cupcake with toasted coconut mousse, pineapple filling, vanilla buttercream and a white chocolate Moana character. It is even topped with a tropical flower!
  • Pop Century – The Moana Chocolate Coconut Mini Pie features coconut haupia custard topped with sweet cream, macadamia nuts and a sugar Moana character. 
  • Amorette’s Patissiri Disney Springs – Limited time Moana cake bar pop with vanilla and strawberry cake featuring Hei Hei and the heart of Tefiti. Only available in June of 2024.
Moana, Everything you need to know before you meet princess Moana.
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Is There a Moana Themed Disney Resort?

The Polynesian Village Resort is a deluxe hotel at the Walt Disney World Resort. The Moana film takes place in the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. The island Motunui is inspired by the real life Polynesian Islands of Fiji, Tahiti and Samoa.

It was only fitting with the remodel of the Polynesian that there would be a big inspiration from the Moana movie. The Polynesian standard hotel rooms are now Moana themed. There are beautiful light fixtures, Maui wallpaper and Hei Hei art work within the room.

The Moana Mercantile is a merchandise store on the second floor of the lobby. This is where you can get lots of Moana merchandise like her outfit from the movie and Pua and Hei Hei plushies.

Will you be visiting the new attraction Journey of Water or meeting Moana on your upcoming visit to Disney? There are many places to see her and celebrate Moana’s journey at the Walt Disney World Resort!

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