Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Worth it?

Halloween is one of our favorite times to visit Walt Disney World each year. While the Magic Kingdom is decorated throughout the month of October to help you get in the Halloween spirit, we also highly recommend booking one of the after-hours events that take place in the Magic Kingdom during the season. Let’s take a look at what you can expect for 2022 in the Magic Kingdom and whether Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party will return this year following the recent pandemic.

Will Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Be Back in 2022?

The great news for any fans of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is that Disney has just confirmed it will once again return for 2022. After last year, when the party didn’t take place in its traditional form, locals and visitors are thrilled to hear this news. The dates have already been announced, and you can start booking your tickets soon for your next trip. Of course, you’ll want to think carefully about how this evening will fit into your vacation plans so that you can plan around this annual event.

What are the Dates for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2022?

The Magic Kingdom will once again welcome Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in 2022. The party will return on August 12 and then continue all the way through to October 31, 2022. This year, the party will run for a whopping 37 nights throughout the season, so you’ll be able to choose from a few days each week to enjoy this event. The party runs from 7 pm until midnight each night, and there is special entertainment, trick-or-treating, and fun character appearances throughout the night.

The exact dates of the party this year are as follows:

  • August: 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30
  • September: 2, 5, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30
  • October: 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31 

How Much is Disney’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party?

Ticket prices for the party will depend on the date and the age of the guests you are traveling with. They start at $109 and go up to $199 nearer to Halloween. The tickets can be purchased from May 18, and you can buy them on the official Walt Disney World website or by calling 407-939-4240. Resort guests had the chance to purchase their tickets ahead of time, starting as early as May 12. If you are an annual passholder or Disney Vacation Club member, you can enjoy a discount of $10 for select dates.

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What is Included in Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?

As you can see, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party isn’t the cheapest addition to your vacation, so you’ll want to think carefully about whether it’s worth it to you and your family. Your ticket includes admission to the park from 7 pm to midnight, but you are allowed to enter as early as 4 pm on the event night. For many guests, they skip a day of tickets in the theme parks on this day. You can enjoy a late morning in bed before having lunch and heading to the party early. You’ll be able to get on a few rides before the party begins, where you can focus on spending your time enjoying the special party offerings. Visitors don’t need another ticket for this day, so it’s a good trade-off for another day at the Magic Kingdom.

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Trick-or-Treating at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

When you enter the park, you will be given a trick-or-treat bag. The event map tells you where all of the stations are around the park, where you can pick up candy throughout the night. There is no limit to the number of times you can go to the stations, so if you are a candy lover, this is a fun part of the party. If you have a food allergy, make sure you ask for a special teal bag. This shows that you can’t take the usual treats, and instead, you will receive a teal token at each station. You can then redeem these later on at the allergy-friendly centers, which will be clearly marked on your event map. For kids and teens, this is one of the highlights of the party, and it’s a fun way to enjoy trick-or-treating even if you aren’t at home for Halloween.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Party Entertainment

One of the reasons that locals and annual passholders love booking this party too is that there is a lot of special entertainment just on this night. A highlight of the evening is the Halloween fireworks, which is Disney’s Not-So-Spooky Spectacular. You’ll be blown away by how amazing this show is, which you can catch just once during the party night. Make sure you don’t miss this part of the party, as it’s well worth coming here just for this high-tech fireworks show.

Another popular entertainment offering is the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, which takes place throughout the night in front of the castle. You’ll meet the Sanderson Sisters and many of your favorite Disney characters in this fun show that usually returns year after year. It’s another fan favorite and one we can’t wait to see return this year. Mickey’s Boo-to-You Halloween Parade is also a lot of fun, featuring unique floats just for this party. This will usually take place twice during the party, allowing everyone the chance to see it during their visit. Don’t miss the Headless Horseman, who kicks off the parade in style.

Of course, no party in the Magic Kingdom would be complete without spending some time riding the world-famous attractions. Make sure you factor in time to enjoy a few of your favorite rides, which usually have much shorter lines than usual. If you are able to stay until the very end of the party, you’ll find that most of the rides are walk-ons, which is much better than your typical day in the theme parks.

What Time Does Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Start?

Each night, the party will begin at 7 pm. It runs until midnight, and you can enjoy all of the offerings we shared above until this time. Keep in mind that your ticket allows you to enter the park from 4 pm this day. If you don’t have another ticket for the day, you can enter early and make the most of your time here. We recommend trying to ride a few rides before the party starts, so you can enjoy the entertainment and trick-or-treating during these limited hours. In total, you can spend up to eight hours in the park with this one ticket, offering good value for money for many guests.

Is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Worth It?

The question of whether Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is worth it is very subjective for each visitor. This annual event is something that many park guests really enjoy and find it’s one of the highlights of their vacation. If you can forfeit one day of park tickets, then financially, it’s often still a good move as far as your vacation planning. However, for annual passholders and locals, it’s quite an expensive night out. After missing the party last year, we expect this year to be busier than ever, and no doubt the dates close to Halloween will sell out very quickly.

We recommend that on the day of the party, you skip out on visiting any other theme parks. This helps to get good value for money from the party, and you won’t be exhausted when you arrive. If you are planning to trick-or-treat during the event, expect to walk all over the park in order to enjoy this fun activity. For that reason, make sure you have a lie-in on the day of the party and don’t plan to do too much the following day either. You’ll then have the energy you need to run around for the eight hours that your ticket allows you entry to the park. This will help to minimize your time here and make it worth it for you and your family. Think about how many people you are traveling with too, as this can sometimes play a part in whether it’s a good move for your family.

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We are thrilled that Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is returning for 2022. If you haven’t already looked at booking your tickets, make sure you do this as soon as possible. For anyone planning to visit near Halloween week, expect the party to sell out quickly, as these are the most popular and expensive nights of the year. With over two months of the event to choose from, many visitors will be able to enjoy this special night once again, which we are all looking forward to after the recent pandemic. Think about adding this to your next vacation if the dates match for you, as it will be one of the highlights of your trip to Walt Disney World.

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