Can You Ride the Monorail Without a Ticket?

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Monorail Orange leaving the station at Magic Kingdom. (photo by Bayley Clark for

There’s no denying that Disney park tickets can soon add up in cost, which is why many visitors to Walt Disney World are looking for free or inexpensive ways to spend a day of their vacation. The Disney monorail is one of the most popular transportation options in the resort, but many guests are wondering if you need a Disney park ticket to ride the monorail. Keep reading as we answer this commonly asked question about the monorail to help you plan your next vacation to Walt Disney World.

While riding the monorail at Walt Disney World is free, getting to the monorail will take planning, and may end up costing you to park ($20-30), or additional fees such as meals if you park at one of the monorail resorts.

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Are Disney Park Tickets Needed to Ride the Monorail?

When boarding the Disney monorail or any other type of Disney transportation, you won’t be asked to show your Disney park ticket. This means you don’t need to be a ticket holder in order to use this form of transportation. That being said, you will need to think about where you board the monorail if you are looking to make this a free or cheap day out. If you were to park in EPCOT or the Ticket and Transportation Center, you’ll need to pay for parking for the day, even if you don’t intend to enter the theme park. The resorts are also more restrictive now about who can park at them, so keep this in mind if you were planning to start your monorail adventure at a resort without having a dining reservation.

What are the Monorail Stops?

There are multiple monorail stops to choose from when traveling on this popular form of transportation. With three different monorail lines to choose from, you can choose to visit either the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT via this mode of transportation. One line will take you from the Ticket and Transportation Center directly to Epcot, whereas the resort and the express monorail will travel between the Ticket and Transportation Center and the Magic Kingdom. The resort line stops at the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Contemporary resorts, whereas the other Magic Kingdom line just goes directly to the front of the park.

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What Parks Does the Monorail Go To?

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The monorail only serves EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom, with no plans to expand to include the other parks at this current time. For most Disney resort guests, you’ll find it’s easier to get the Disney buses to the parks each day, but the monorail is something we recommend every guest does at least once on their vacation. It’s an iconic part of a Disney vacation, offering you the chance to see the parks and resorts from a different perspective. Keep in mind that the monorail does get a lot busier at the start and end of each day, as the guests from the monorail resorts are heading off to the parks for the day. You can also use this transportation option to hop quickly between EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom in the middle of the day, offering you a short break before you continue your park touring.

Planning a Day Out on the Monorail

If you are looking for an affordable way to spend a day at Walt Disney World, a tour of the monorail resorts is a fun option. You won’t have to purchase park tickets for that day, and you can just start off in the morning by taking the bus from your resort to the Magic Kingdom. From there, you can board the monorail and start visiting the resorts one at a time.

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For anyone who’s never been to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa before, you’ll be blown away by how beautiful this resort is. Enjoy admiring the lobby when you first arrive, and then walk around the grounds and marina area.

From there, you can either walk or get the monorail to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which is a favorite with Disney fans from around the world. Here you can sit on the beach and watch the world go by, or enjoy dining at one of the many great restaurants on offer here. The quick service restaurant is a good option for a cheap lunch, and you can sit outside and enjoy the tropical atmosphere. If you fancy taking this tour in the evening, this is one of the best places to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks. The music is piped in on the beach, allowing you to see this spectacular show without purchasing a park ticket.

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Disney’s Contemporary Resort is the other resort on the monorail line. The monorail travels directly through the A-frame shape of the resort, and it’s a popular sight with kids and teens. You can enjoy dining here at one of their restaurants, or head out onto the balcony to watch the fireworks in the evening. To continue your adventures, you could also take the boat from this resort to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, allowing you to explore another of the Deluxe resorts. This rustic lodge offers a great escape from the busy theme parks, and you’ll love sitting outside and admiring the surrounding scenery. There’s no limit to how many resorts you could visit in one day without having to purchase park tickets, and it’s a fun way to see more of Walt Disney World without breaking the bank.

Many guests don’t realize that you don’t need a park ticket to ride the monorail, but it’s a fun activity that the whole of your family will enjoy. We recommend trying to avoid the opening and closing times for the theme parks if you are just looking to take a relaxing ride on the monorail, as it is most congested during these times. During the rest of the day, you’ll find that you can usually get a seat on the monorail, allowing you to sit back and relax while you visit new resorts that you might not have seen before. The monorail is one of the most iconic parts of Walt Disney World, so make sure you take at least one ride on it during your next vacation.

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