A Look To The Town Disney Built: Celebration, FL

When visiting Walt Disney World, we always encourage you to head out and see more of what the local area has to offer. One place we’d highly recommend spending an evening in is Celebration. This community was developed by Disney and has a population of over 7,400 people to this date. Keep reading as we discover more about Celebration and how this town came to be.

The History of Celebration

The History of Celebration can be traced all the way back to the early 1990s. At this time, Disney established the Celebration Company and invested roughly $2.5 billion into this project over the next decade or so. The master plan for the development was created by Robert A. M. Stern and Cooper, Robertson & Partner, both of whom were Driehaus Prize winners. They worked with other US-based companies to develop the park and trails that are associated with the area, which have become some of the most popular features of the development.

The inspiration for celebration was an early 20th-century style of architecture, and the area isn’t zoned for high-density homes. As with any Disney project, you’ll find that no small detail is overlooked. Graphic design Michael Beirut was hired by Disney to create community elements for Celebration. These include the fountains, street signs, store signs, and brochures, all of which have a distinct look and feel to them.

The First Phase of Development

In 1996, the first phase of the residential development plans took place over the summer. The areas that were ready first included Celebration Village, Lake Evalyn, and West Village. Following these, the company moved onto the South Village, North Village, East Village, and Aquila Reserve. The CEO of Disney at the time, Michael Eisner, was particularly invested in this project. He hoped to make history with Celebration and bring to life Walt Disney’s original idea for Epcot.

One area that Disney particularly focused on was creating economic and ethnic diversity at the start of the project. While Celebration is known now for its higher than average house prices, at the time, they aimed to attract a diverse community to the town. The initial 350 houses and 123 apartments were actually picked by a lottery, which helped to put these aims into place. Unfortunately, over the years, the racial makeup has gone askew, primarily due to the lack of subsidized housing in the area.

Who Lives in Celebration?

Celebration is a popular place to live with anyone moving to the Orlando area. It’s home to over 7,400 people and 700 families. About a third of the households in the area have children up to 18 living with them, and there’s a varied age range within the community. Celebration is known for how well-kept and safe it is, which is why it attracts both families and an elderly population looking to enjoy life in Central Florida.

Celebration’s Amenities

One of the great things about living in Celebration is that you are so close by to some fantastic amenities which were built by Disney. Of course, you are pretty close to the Disney theme parks, which is why we encourage any visitors to come here for an evening to see what it’s all about. In the local area, you’ll find Celebration Health, which aims to create a new look and feel for healthcare facilities. There are also six Christian churches and one Jewish congregation on the property.

When you visit Celebration for the first time, you’ll no doubt end up in Celebration Town Center. This area is home to a selection of shops and restaurants, as well as other businesses. There are also 106 residences in the Celebration Town Center, offering some of the most central housing options for anyone looking to live here. To this day, over 500 businesses are listed as doing business in Celebration, and it only continues to attract more attention year after year.

Celebration is home to the Celebration School for kids in K through to 8. They then transfer to Celebration High School, which offers classes for grades 9-12. For families looking for private education options, you’ll find The Montessori Academy of Celebration for kids from K up to 8th grade. For assistance with their studies, kids can visit the West Osceola Branch Library, which is located within Celebration.

What is the Average House Price in Celebration?

Celebration offers a wide range of different housing options for families and individuals. In 2017, it was stated that the median property value was $401,600, making it one of the more pricey places in Orlando to live and work. The median income of residents at this time was $83,228. They have almost every type of home you could imagine from a Florida community, starting with apartments and working up to estate homes. These are the largest homes in Celebration and were custom-built near the golf course or reserved. A variety of builders worked on these properties, and they are some of the most stunning buildings you’ll see when you first visit Celebration.

The Celebration Villages

One thing that makes Celebration unique in comparison to other communities is that it’s separated into villages. The main village near the downtown area was the initial part of the development. You then have North Village, which is close to U.S. 192, and the East Village nearby. Lake Evalyn is often referred to as a separate part of Celebration, but it has a beautiful village and lake here with ducks and alligators.

Mirasol is one of the most luxurious parts of Celebration, and it offers condos with a concierge and day spa. We also love Artisan Park village, which has a clubhouse with a pool, restaurant, and gym. South Village and Siena Condos are near each other and offer estate homes for those looking for a larger property. As you can see, there’s a lot of choice for potential residents in Celebration, and it’s all about finding a solution that meets your family’s needs if you are looking to move here in the future.

Can You Visit Celebration?

Celebration is a regular town, so visitors are welcome to come and walk around the neighborhood. While there are some amenities that are only available to residents, the Celebration Town Center is a great place to start your explorations. Here you’ll find cafes, shops, and restaurants, and you can stroll around and get a taste of the local life here. Another fun way to explore Celebration is by bike, which you can rent from the town as well.

If you’ve been rushing around Walt Disney World during your vacation, you’ll find this to be a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the parks. In fact, you could even opt to stay here during your vacation, as it’s so close to the theme parks and resorts of Walt Disney World. Hotels such as the Bohemian Hotel Celebration are located right near the Town Center, and you’ll find it to be a relaxing place to stay on your next trip.

Celebration is an incredible place for local residents to work and live and is known for its welcoming community and safe location. We highly recommend you spend a morning or evening here on your next trip, as you’ll be blown away by how beautiful this area is. Take a stroll around the lake or the Town Center and see what living here would be like for yourself. For anyone looking to relocate to Orlando, there’s nowhere better to consider living than Celebration, and we know anyone who visits here will want to relocate to Celebration immediately.

Some of our favorite restaurants are located in downtown Celebration, such as Columbia, Avocados (Mexican cuisine) and the Town Tavern (Seafood). We highly recommend a visit – enjoy the community and explore the possibility of what Walt’s vision for EPCOT was.

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