Collecting And Wearing Disney Pins

Pin Trading is a popular way for Disney guests to express their love for their favorite parts of Disney. Since 1999, Disney guests have had the opportunity to trade pins with other guests and cast members in Disney Parks. These tiny souvenirs are perfect for collecting because they are small enough to store many of them, and they also come at a reasonable price.

From the Disney characters to Disney Theme Parks and even Disney songs, you are sure to find a pin for all things Disney! Before you head out to the Disney parks to trade pins, there are a few things you may want to know. How do you carry your Disney pins? Most people like carrying their pins on lanyards, but that is not Disney’s only option. And another question many guests have is How Do I stop losing my Disney pins? Before heading out to pin trade, find out how to ensure you don’t lose your favorite pins!

What is Disney Pin Trading?

Pin Trading at Disney World is the ability to trade Disney pins with others in the Disney Theme Parks. Mostly, you are trading pins with cast members at selected locations throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts. Sometimes, other guests may ask you to trade a pin if they see one you have they like, and you both agree. The pins at Disney you trade must be Disney authentic metal pins, with a ©Disney sign on the back.

How do you carry your Disney pins?

One of the most popular questions first-time pin traders as is, “How do you carry your Disney pins”? You want to have a way to show off your pin collection and make sure to keep them safe. There are many ways guests carry their pins throughout the Disney Theme Parks. Here are some of the best ways to carry your Disney pins.

  • Lanyard

This is the most popular way Disney guests carry their pins throughout the Disney Theme Parks. Taking your pins on a lanyard allows for easy trading and is excellent if you want to trade with guests, as they can easily see what pins you have to trade. Disney has lanyards for sale at most stores throughout the Parks and Resorts with different themes and characters. Check out our favorite plain lanyards and Disney lanyards to bring with you to save some money.

  • LoungeFly Backpack

If lanyards are just not for you, try a LoungeFly Mini Backpack to keep your pins safe! There are many different bags specifically for pin trading, but Loungefly is one of the most popular Disney Themed backpacks at Disney. LoungeFly has many bags specifically for keeping your pins on them. One version of a pin trading bag Loungefly sells is a Disney Logo Pin Collector Mini Backpack. This backpack has a clear Disney “D,” where you can add your pins to show them off. Find them before you go in black, pink, or green.

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  • PinFolio

Many guests do not want to wear their pins around the parks. The metal pins can be heavy and, on hot days, are just not comfortable to wear. PinFolios are folders you can find on to store your pins. Many PinFolios look like a zipper binder with a clear case to display your pins and can hold more than 150 pins. This works well for extensive collections that do not fit on lanyards and backpacks.

  • Mickey Mouse Icon Iridescent Flair Belt Bag

Are you looking for something cute and stylish? These hip bags have removable crossbody straps and belts, so you can wear them any way you like. They also have perforated holes to display your favorite Disney pins directly on your bag. This cute Disney 50th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Icon Iridescent Flair Belt Bag is now on the website!

How do I stop losing my pins at Disney?

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t lose your pins while spending the day at Disney is to make sure you have the proper backs on your pins. Disney has specific backs that go on the pins that make it hard for the pin backs to fall off. These backs are black and look like Mickey Mouse heads to ensure they are specifically for Disney pins.

If you are looking for a way to secure your pin back that is a little more secure, try a Locking Pin Back. These locking pin backs are great to be sure you don’t lose your favorite pins while spending the day on rides and attractions. These pin backs require a special tool to take your back off your pin.  Disney sells these directly on the website for $9.99 for ten pin backs and one tool to lock the backs.

How much are trading pins at Disney World?

If you buy pins at the Disney Theme Parks, the price will depend on the pin you choose. Pins typically start at $9.99 each and can go up to over $20 each. There are theme packs of pins you can buy in a bundle. They typically come in four to a pack and will cost less than buying four pins separately.

How do you trade pins?

To trade pins at Disney World, you will find a location in the park that has pin trading. Most merchandise locations offer pin trading, and typically they have a cast member off to the side of the store that will be designated specifically to pin trading. When you find a cast member that is trading, there are two different ways they will be trading pins.  

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You can pin trade at Disney with a cast member by seeing the cast member’s entire selection. The cast member at the select location will have a black Mickey Head shape with the pins out on display. You can select the pin you would like and give the cast member the pin you want to trade. Then the cast member will then give you the pin you selected. This is my favorite way to trade pins because you get to see all the pins displayed, and there is usually a pretty large selection of pins to choose from.

The second way Disney cast members trade pins randomly. Cast members at the pin trading location will have a board with boxes numbered 1-24. Each box on the board will have a Disney pin inside. When you go up to the board, you will be able to select two numbers from the board to see if you would like to trade one of your pins for one of those pins. This way is fun because you will be surprised by what is inside. I have traded pins this way and was able to trade a special edition 50th Anniversary Disney pin that is hard to find! If you do not like either pin from the numbers you choose, you do not have to trade the pins. You can go to another location and look for another pin you like.

Pin trading is a fun way to collect your favorite characters and display them while spending your day at Disney. There are many great ways to display your pins, perfect so you can select the ideal way for you! Guests of all ages enjoy pin trading and having the ability to make your collection unique to your liking. So, do you wear a lanyard or maybe carry a PinFolio to the parks when bringing your Disney Pins? Let us know how you carry your pins throughout the Disney Theme Parks!

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