Video of a fight in Magic Kingdom

Ever since we entered the pandemic, Disney World grown adults seem to be losing their cool more in public places. It also could be that I’m getting older, and instead of yelling at kids to stay off my lawn, I’m finding critiquing stunts to scratch that itch. However it’s really getting to me that a place that is special, and don’t even get me started on costly (looking at you Genie+) is brining the worst out in people.

Just a few weeks ago we reported on a fight in Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land, A guest meltdown after their stroller is moved, and we bring another sad event where a guest is tackled. You see a plain clothes cast member attempt to keep others away from the match contained on the ground. We can only expect these folks will be trespass and possibly expelled from Disney World – possibly permanently.

From the video we see three people – couple of them throwing punches with them ultimately breaking up. Looks like a guy is throwing punches, and when the one person finally gets up looks like a female. Is a guy really delivering blows to a female right now? SMH. Shouldn’t happen to anyone else, let alone a male hitting a female.

If you didn’t know some of the rules in Magic Kingdom is not to fight.

Let me just say the Cast Members once again do such a great job and take it in stride with the fight. They know not to hurt themselves or put others as risk around the area. Thank you to the Cast Members for again rising to the occasion when these folks obviously enjoy throwing money away and ruining the magic for folks.

Well you came, you saw the video of the guest being tackled. I’m hoping to fill the blog up with 3 positive stories. So please, if you have any pics or even stories about how a cast member made your vacation, or if another guest brighten your day…..PLEASE I’m begging you, please send it in. We can’t keep letting folks like this ruin or happy place. Can I get an AMEN? Alright, I’m done.

Wait…no I’m not. I’m really interested in this Disney Jail now – so look for an article on it soon…if you’ve ever been to it, or know someone that has…comment below I want to hear your story!

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  • I could see that happening… xa shame! I even saw a cast member lose it on all of the people in line. No came back at him but just watched him lose it and backed off!! I am sure he is not there anymore… I hope so!!!

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