Magic Kingdom

Another train crossing on top of our ride...will we end up in collision?

Behind the Magic: 12 Thunder Mountain Fun Facts

Here are 12 fun facts about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Get ready for the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!
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Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom seen from the outside. It doesn't look as spooky on the outside.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion: 13 Facts Behind the Frights

Our tour begins here with 13 Fun Facts about the Haunted Mansion you probably didn’t know! Spooky!
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Space Mountin

11 Space Mountain Fun Facts: A Cosmic Ride Through Trivia!

Space Mountain is one of the most iconic rides at Disney theme parks. Learn eleven interesting facts about this thrilling roller coaster and its history in this article.
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Our Skipper telling us jokes as we ride along the Jungle River Cruise. One of the things you can see is the Boats and Baits service center in the Amazon Rainforest visited by Skipper Frank Wolff.

Everything You Need To Know About Jungle Cruise

Hop on board a Jungle Cruise Boat and let your Jungle Cruise Skipper entertain you with corny jokes on this fun ride!
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You can meet Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy inside Magic Kingdom, as they wave welcoming folks into Magic Kingdom from the train station.

Magic Kingdom Characters: Where To Find Them All

With only one day to visit the Magic Kingdom and meet all the characters, we needed a guide. Here are specific instructions on where to find every character in the park in One Day.
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The Cheshire Cafe home of the Cat Tail snack!

Where To Find The Cheshire Cat Tail At Disney World? (2023)

The Cheshire Cat Tail is one of the rare treats for guests visiting the Magic Kingdom. If you can't make it to the parks, check our our recipe for the treat at home.
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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Magic Kingdom

How Scary Is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?

Though the name is quite menacing, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is very tame. Learn why it’s a tame, family-friendly thrill ride.
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Frontierland Shootin Arcade is one of the toddler-friendly attractions you can visit at Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Rides for Toddlers and Babies

There are so many adventures for you and your toddler to embark on in Disney World.
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