What Is Reflections Of China At Disney’s Epcot?

Epcot is as magical as any other area of Walt Disney World. While it’s well-known for the various international food options, it’s also home to fun, educational activities—for example, the Reflections of China.

So, what is Reflections of China at Disney’s Epcot? Reflections of China is an immersive experience that uses Circle-Vision 360° to take guests on a tour of China. This tour includes stunning visuals of ancient China and present-day China.

Guests can visually explore areas like the Huangpu River and Forbidden City. You’ll also see what the Silk Road looked like during a busy transportation time. While this Circle-Vision film is playing, Li Bao, an actor playing a Tang Dynasty Chinese poet, leads you through the country.

This show is a great way to get to know China while feeling like you’re exploring it in person.

Circle-Vision’s 360° Cinematography

Circle-Vision 360° is what sets this attraction apart from other films or similar experiences. The Walt Disney Company polished this type of cinematography. It includes nine different cameras that simultaneously display a video on nine movie screens. The camera may be connected to a car to create a more realistic effect depending on the scene.

The multiple screens and use of the cameras help make it feel like you’re really exploring China and its beautiful sights.

How long is the Reflections of China show at EPCOT?

This immersive show only lasts about 12 minutes. However, it’s long enough to feel as if you’ve been traveling through the whole county. These shows play all day long in a loop. If you can’t make it to a certain showtime, you only have to wait a few minutes for the show to start over again.

This show generally runs from 8:30 am to 9 pm each day. Check our Epcot Wait Time page for additional information on how long you can expect it to take during various park hours before you get into Reflections of China.

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Is It Air Conditioned? Good Place To Get Out Of The Heat And Rest?

Not only is Reflections of China a great educational experience, but it’s also air-conditioned. On the days when it’s too hot to stand in lines all day, you’ll be thanking Disney for including Reflections of China on their activity list.

You can walk in and enjoy the air conditioning as you cool down for a few minutes and rest in between rides. It’s also a great spot to visit if it’s rainy or the weather is unpleasant. On the rare occasion that it snows at Disney, Reflections of China can help shield you at least for a few minutes.

Is It Mobility Accessible And Friendly?

Reflections of China is mobility accessible and friendly. Those who require a wheelchair can stay in their wheelchair or ECV during the show. If auditory assistance is needed, handheld captions, audio descriptions, and assistive listening are also available at the show.

Where Is Reflections Of China In EPCOT?

This show is located in the World Showcase portion of Epcot. It’s located in a pavilion that you can reach by walking through the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. No matter where you are in Epcot, it’s only about a 6-10 minute walk to the World Showcase.

If you’re nearby the Epcot Fountain, take the route to Future World East or Future World West, and you’ll find the World Showcase after about 6-7 minutes of walking.

What Else Is There To Do In The China Pavilion?

There are quite a few attractions at the China Pavilion that you can enjoy. The pavilion is found between Norway and Germany and provides a look into the culture of China. With beautiful gardens, tiny replicas of the tomb warriors, and plenty of shopping and food options, you can easily spend a few hours exploring the China Pavilion.

As you go into the pavilion, you’ll be greeted by the Temple of Heaven. It’s a downsized version of the actual temple in China, though it’s just as impressive. The temple features 12 pillars, each representing a month of the Chinese calendar. The acoustics are part of the fun in the temple. You’ll find some places that amplify your voice so even a whisper can be heard throughout the building as you walk around.

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One of the major attractions at the China Pavilion is the mini tomb warriors. They’re found inside the Temple of Heaven, and each statue has a different face, like the real tomb warriors. If you’re curious about the actual statues, there are pictures nearby this display so that you can compare them with the replicas.

Since the China Pavilion is not usually crowded, it offers a more peaceful environment than the rest of the park. Take time to walk along the bridge and view the gardens in the pavilion.

If you’ve been looking through the whole park for Mulan, you’ll find her hanging out in the China Pavilion. She’s known to spend time in this area, so try to grab a picture with her.

Don’t forget to check out the shops in the pavilion. There are two gift shops to peruse (Good Fortune Gifts and House of Good Fortune) with Chinese snacks, tea, and other goodies to take home. 

Are There Any Dining Options In The China Pavilion?

There are three restaurants to try when visiting the China Pavilion – Lotus Blossom Café, Joy of Tea, and Nine Dragons. Lotus Blossom and Nine Dragons are open later in the day, while the Joy of Tea cart is open all day long.

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At Joy of Tea, you can purchase hot teas and slushies for a refreshing drink to enjoy while exploring the pavilion. Lotus Blossom Café is open for lunch and dinner, with options to sit inside or outside. This café offers quick eats like egg rolls and noodle bowls. Depending on where you sit, you’ll have pretty views of the gardens or the nearby temple.

Nine Dragons is also open for lunch and dinner. It provides a sit-down restaurant experience and has stunning décor that’s inspired by China. Paper lanterns are hung throughout the restaurant, and etchings of dragons in glass are spread throughout the restaurant. Guests can enjoy pan-Chinese food here and choose from many wines and beers.

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Many people skip the China Pavilion, not knowing all the treasures it holds inside. Next time you’re visiting Epcot, take some time to walk through the pavilion and enjoy the sights. You’ll be able to learn a little bit about Chinese culture and history.

As a note, there is mention of switching the Reflections of China film to a new film this year – Wondrous China for Disney’s 50th anniversary. If possible, try to catch a showing of the China Reflections before it’s swapped! It’s truly an unforgettable experience.

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