Melt Down in Magic Kingdom Over Stroller; Video

Cast Members are the life blood of the experience at Walt Disney World, ensuring guests have a magical time. On average over 50,000 people a day enter the Magic Kingdom including a number of strollers. While maintaining order for all those guests that are visiting it requires a sense of order, and the cast members work hard to contain that, including moving strollers to that were parked ‘illegally’ to the appropriate stroller parking area.

Recently a Guest visiting the Magic Kingdom became irate when a Fantasyland Cast Member moved her stroller while it was unattended. The incident was captured on video via @maddieisraddie on TikTok below, but unfortunately, this kind of behavior from Guests is nothing new for Cast Members working in stroller parking.

So I get that strollers are expensive, and the items contained in them can be almost priceless – but at no time does someone deserved to be addressed like this. This cast member keeps his cool way longer than I believe I would. The woman was more interested in filming and creating a scene than admitting she was in the wrong.

For those wondering, when you enter into Disney Property you agree to their rules. Their rules regarding strollers state this from the official Disney website:

  • Do not leave personal belongings in an unattended stroller.
  • Strollers may be moved by a Cast Member due to operational needs.

Seems simple enough, don’t leave your valuables in a stroller as you go to an attraction, and guess what if your stroller is in the way, Cast Members might move it.

If anyone knows the Cast Member in the video above, let me know. I’d like to Venmo him cash for a beer, or maybe a relaxing massage. Seriously folks, if you know who this is, post in the comments below.

That’s not all – please remember as you visit Disney World right now, to thank Cast Members. They are on the front lines of inhumanity trying to make your vacation magical. In fact there are a number of ways you can help a cast member in return for service above and beyond. I’d encourage you to plan and check our our article on How to Thank A Cast Member.

Maybe I’m getting old, and just don’t see the point in the video above. Be kind to one another, and voice your feelings when they are hurt. Just don’t forget to take responsibility for your own actions when you’re in the wrong. That’s enough for being on the soap box for one day.

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  • Hermie Fernandez

    What is so sad is she is in Fantasyland where we all know is surrounded with little ones, what a great, embrassing role model. We were just there the other day and there are signs posted all over “STROLLER PARKING” If she had such precious valuable stroller with items in her stroller, why would u leave it in an unattended stroller just on the side somewhere, wouldnt it be safer in a spot where u have ppl watching over it? 86, blacklist her.

  • This is the kind of customer you escort out and blacklist. They are hundreds of times more trouble than the revenue they bring or any bad publicity they might bring due to blacklisting. Every business owner knows there are customers you don’t want and need to get rid of – This is it right here.

  • Sean/Shawn/Cast member needs a bonus for keeping his cool! She definitely was after attention or maybe a free day at Disney!!!!

  • it’s downright weird how she is recording herself “in the wrong” . . . she’s probably a bit on the narcistic side . . .

  • Stephanie

    Karen should’ve been arrested and put in Disney jail (if there was one).
    And she videoed it for attention too!
    I was just there… I may have been there the same day… I would have slapped her and told her to have a magical day! Poor cast member!

  • Dominique Cavalluzzi

    I love how she’s recording like she’s not the one in the wrong! ???

  • Michealle Woodall

    I heard that his name is Shawn(Sean).

  • Cameron Holtoe

    Just you wait.. she wanted to make a video.. it will eventually get posted, and Karen there will be dragged.. This is not going to go the way she thinks it will

  • Gail cornelia rondeau

    Ill be there in 4 days Im going to look for him I have a bunch of old Disney Dollars that im going to give him theyre still good I will be on the look out for him and tell him im sorry you were treated that way!! wish I could find that Karen and tell her a few things!! if anyone finds out his name please let us know I will be there soon .

  • I want to know his name too……after dealing with that he needs two beers!! please post if you do get it 🙂

    Also, there should be a facebook group perhaps highlighting people who lose their cool like this. You know how they hang signs around a dogs neck when he has been bad and then put in on facebook? Maybe if people can see how they look to the world they will think twice next time? I’m embarrassed for this woman. I get how tiring it can be at Disney with small kids, trust me……but it’s just not right to take it out on other people especially our beloved cast members.

    • Yes this needs to be created. Disney “Guests” Behaving Badly.

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