Fire broke out at Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom

On Tuesday evening before fireworks inside the Magic Kingdom guests got a rare peak of Reedy Creek Fire and Rescue trucks rolling down Main Street USA. Reports unconfirmed by Disney say a small fire broke out due to electrical issues from a junction box outside of the castle.

Emergency services reported treating non-emergency injuries one from a cast member inhaling dry chemicals from a fire extinguisher. No other injuries were reported. Once the fire truck made it to the castle they were able to extinguish the tree that was on fire and secure all guests away from Cinderella’s castle. Official causes are still being investigated by the Fire Marshall, we will keep you updated.

No fireworks were planned to go off at 6:45pm when the call came in, but guests were later able to watch the evening events with no further excitement.

Here are a few videos from Twitter from folks at the scene:
How scary that must have been to see emergency services rolling down Main Street USA!

Here are the crews leaving.

Thankfully no one was injured, and fireworks happened later that evening.

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