Guide to Disney’s Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Single Pass

Disney is now offering park guests the opportunity to book three attractions based on where your park ticket is for the day, but the rides and attractions are tier-based. If it sounds familiar, well it basically is Fast Pass+ from a few years ago, but relabeling and replacing Genie+. There will still be dynamic pricing, so don’t get too excited.

Disney Announces lightning lane pass changes
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This overhaul to the Lightning Lanes followed the change in the Disney Accessibility System rules, which eliminated most access for guests back in June.

When can you purchase passes?

  • Guests of Disney Resort hotels and other select hotels can purchase passes up to 7 days before their stay, and other Guests can purchase passes up to 3 days before their park visit.
  • Guests can purchase Lightning Lane passes for days they have valid theme park admission starting at 7:00 am Eastern Time on their first day of eligibility.
  • Currently, you must be in the USA before booking.

Which resorts qualify to purchase seven days in advance?

When staying at Disney Resort hotels or other select hotels, Guests can purchase Lightning Lane passes—and choose experiences and arrival windows—starting seven days before the first day of their Resort stay for their length of stay (up to 14 days).

This early-planning benefit is available to registered Guests staying at:

  • All Disney Resort hotels
  • Walt Disney World Swan, Dolphin, and Swan Reserve Hotel
  • Shades of Green Resort

Good neighbor hotels currently do not qualify.

Lightning Lane Multi Pass:

  • Skip the lines for up to 3 rides per park day.
  • Choose your rides and times in advance.

Lightning Lane Single Pass:

  • Reserve a spot for one popular ride.
  • Book in advance.

Does this mean no more Virtual Queues?

No, virtual queues for rides like Tianas Bayou Adventure, Tron, and Guardians of the Galaxy will remain virtual queues for now. However, you can purchase individual lightning lane access to those rides at an additional cost, usually around $15-30 per person.

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