17 Things to Do at EPCOT’s United Kingdom Pavilion

Yorkshire County Fish Shop in EPCOT. A quick service restaurant at the United Kingdom Pavilion offering a walk-up window for fish & chips.
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Yorkshire County Fish Shop in EPCOT. A quick service restaurant at the United Kingdom Pavilion offering a walk-up window for fish & chips.

EPCOT was always one of my least favorite parks until I discovered the hidden gems throughout the World Showcase. There are so many things to see in the different countries that are very easy to miss if you don’t know they’re there. One of my favorite places in EPCOT is the beautiful UK Pavilion.

During a visit to Epcot, many visitors to the park often rush through the countries in World Showcase. There are so many hidden gems within each pavilion. Enjoy the culture of these countries and immerse yourself in the experience Disney has created for their guests. 

Today we’re going to share with you 17 things to do in Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion during your next Disney trip in EPCOT.


  • Location: The UK Pavilion is near Bay Lake in the EPCOT World Showcase between the Canada Pavilion and the France Pavilion. If you enter through the international gateway entrance of EPCOT, the UK Pavilion is directly to the left.
  • Characters: Mary Poppins, Alice, Winnie the Pooh and sometimes you can find his friends.
  • Restaurants: 3 Quick Service Restaurants and 1 Table Service Restaurant
  • Shops: The Toy Soldier, The Crown & Crest, Lords and Ladies, The Queen’s Table, Sportsman’s Shoppe, The Tea Caddy
  • Attractions: None

World Showcase Map & UK Pavilion Map

Map of EPCOT including the countries in the World Showcase.
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Map of EPCOT including the countries in the World Showcase.
Map of the UK Pavilion courtesy of Disney. Copyright Walt Disney World Company.
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Map of the UK Pavilion courtesy of Disney. Copyright Walt Disney World Company.

Fun Activities

  1. Character Meet and Greets
    • Meet characters like Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, and Winnie the Pooh at various locations within the pavilion.
    • You can meet Alice in Wonderland in front of the cottage next to the English Tea Garden.
    • You can meet Mary Poppins walking around and in various places. She sometimes stands near the water to the left of the Rose & Crown Pub or where Alice in Wonderland sometimes is.
    • There is a hidden place to meet Winnie the Pooh at the UK Pavilion in Christopher Robins Room at the back of the toy store. Not many people know that this meet & greet has returned, and many people have a difficult time finding the building.
    • Now you know exactly where to meet all of the characters!
Watch our fun interaction with Alice in Wonderland at the UK Pavilion.

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  1. British Revolution Performance
    • Enjoy a high-energy performance by this four-piece tribute band playing British rock music from the 1960s to the 1990s. Find the up to date showtimes in the My Disney Experience App.
  2. DuckTales World Showcase Adventure:
    • This is a fun activity for kids to participate in to make the World Showcase more entertaining. Follow along with Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louis, and Webby on this fun adventure. Find this interactive activity on the Play Disney Parks mobile app.
    • This game is played in multiple EPCOT Pavilions like Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Japan, France, and of course the United Kingdom.
  3. Participate in Kidcot Fun Stops
    • Located throughout the World Showcase, including the UK Pavilion, Kidcot Fun Stops offer activities for children, such as collecting stamps and creating personalized souvenirs. It’s a fun and educational way for kids to learn about different cultures, including the UK.
  4. Enjoy Seasonal Festivals
    • During various festivals, you’ll find additional stands and activities in the pavilion, adding to the experience. EPCOT has four seasonal festivals.
    • EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts
    • EPCOT’s International Flower & Garden Festival
    • EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival
    • EPCOT’s Festival of the Holidays
    • You can usually find good food and a quick drink at each of the booths around the theme park during each festival. During these events, the UK Pavilion often features special booths, displays, or activities unique to the festival, providing a fresh and thematic experience each time.
  5. Watch Street Performances
    • EPCOT’s UK Pavilion often features live street performances. These can range from musical acts to comedic plays, providing an immersive and entertaining experience that captures the spirit of British street culture.
  6. Photo Opportunities with Iconic British Symbols
    • The pavilion is adorned with classic British symbols like red phone booths and a double-decker bus. These make for excellent photo opportunities, allowing you to capture memories of your visit in a distinctly British setting.
  7. Attend a Storytelling Session
    • The UK Pavilion sometimes hosts storytelling sessions where guests can listen to tales inspired by British folklore and history. These sessions, often held in cozy corners of the pavilion, offer a delightful and educational experience for all ages.
  8. Take a Break in the English Garden
    • Enjoy the beautiful flower beds, a miniature hedge maze, and a tea garden, reflecting the UK’s gardening style. Find the English Gardens at the back of the Pavilion.
    • On a hot day, grab a drink from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop and head back here to relax and cool down. Escape the crowds and relax in a recreation of a London street and garden, possibly while enjoying your fish and chips.
    • This garden area of the park is often overlooked but offers you a great place to take a break. Kids will love running through the small maze, and adults will enjoy strolling around the English garden.
    • The houses here are reminiscent of a London street, so you’ll feel like you’ve escaped the park completely back here.
  9. Historical Research Center
    • Discover your family coat of arms or browse dragons and swords for sale. The Historical Research Center is located by the Crown & Crest store. This store offers an extensive library of family crests and coats of arms.
    • Any history buffs in your family will love learning more about their heritage while speaking to the cast members here. You’ll also find an incredible display of swords and dragons as you enter the store, all of which are available for purchase.
    • We looked up my family’s coat of arms while we were there and were able to find My Grandfather’s family crest from Norway
  10. Admire the Architecture
    • The pavilion features a mix of architectural styles, including medieval castles, Victorian and Gregorian styles
Fish & Chips from the walk-up window at Yorkshire County Fish Shop in EPCOT.
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Fish & Chips from the walk-up window at Yorkshire County Fish Shop in EPCOT.

Dining Options

  1. Table-Service Restaurant
    • Enjoy British-style dishes like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, and scotch egg, along with British brews and desserts like banoffee pie and rhubarb tart.
    • On a visit to the United Kingdom pavilion, you can’t miss dining in the Rose & Crown Dining Room.
    • If you’ve got time in your day, book a reservation to enjoy lunch or dinner here, where you’ll sample traditional British pub dishes while overlooking the World Showcase Lagoon.
    • Enjoy chatting with your server from the United Kingdom, who can recommend their favorite dishes and educate you about the various food and drink options available.
    • We highly recommend trying the Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash for your entrée and make sure you save room for the Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert.
    • There’s also a fantastic live musician who plays here regularly, so try and time your meal with her performance. You can also see the fireworks from the restaurant if you time your dinner correctly!
  2. Quick Service Options
    • At the Yorkshire County Fish Shop you can grab some authentic fish and chips at this quick-service spot, with outdoor seating offering views of the World Showcase Lagoon.
    • At the Rose & Crown Pub, where you can enjoy a refreshing alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink from the bar. Specialty drinks on offer here include Cider and Fireball, the Welsh Dragon, and the Leaping Leprechaun.
    • The third and final option for quick service locations is the UK Beer Cart with a few limited options for a quick bite to eat.
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  1. Shopping in the United Kingdom Pavilion
    • Visit shops like Sportsman’s Shoppe, The Crown and Crest, The Toy Soldier, and The Tea Caddy for a variety of British-themed merchandise.
  2. The Toy Soldier Shop
    • Browse classic British toys, pop culture items, and Disney merchandise, including Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear items.
Meeting and chatting with Alice in the UK pavilion was a delight with her English accent.
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Meeting and chatting with Alice in the UK pavilion was a delight with her English accent.
  1. Visit The Tea Caddy
    • Explore a range of Twinings tea products, snacks, and chocolate bars, with special events during Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival.
    • The Tea Caddy in the United Kingdom pavilion offers so much more than just a regular shopping experience.
    • Enjoy browsing the extensive selection of Twinings tea products and British sweet treats on offer and speaking with the cast members who will be able to teach you about the differences between the various blends.
    • If you are lucky enough to visit during Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival, special events take place during this time, including tea tastings and tours of the tea garden behind the store.
  2. Explore Themed Merchandise at UK Cart
    • Besides the main shops, the UK Cart in the pavilion offers unique souvenirs like Walt Disney World trading pins, UK-themed shirts, and various Minnie and Mickey Mouse plush toys.
    • It’s a great place to find exclusive memorabilia that celebrates both British culture and the Disney experience.
17 Things To Do in EPCOT's United Kingdom Pavilion
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While most guests spend their time indoors exploring the pavilion’s stores, take your time to walk around the outside of the buildings. The pavilion’s design and architecture are influenced by the Victorian and Georgian periods. You’ll see a variety of influences within these buildings.

It’s fascinating witnessing the transition between the different time periods in each building. We love The Tea Caddy in particular, which is inspired by a traditional English cottage.

You could easily spend a couple of hours dining and shopping in the United Kingdom pavilion. On your next visit here, take the time to chat with the cast members who are from the UK, who will be happy to share their culture with you.

Visitors of all ages can learn so much during a visit to Epcot. An in-depth exploration of the United Kingdom pavilion will make a great addition to your next day here

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