Citizens Clock in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Daily Disney World Revenue From the Parks (2024)

Disney is focused on maximizing the spending of each visitor to the resorts instead of maximizing total guests. 
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Disney King Charles Clause

Why is Disney invoking the King Charles Clause? Explained

The clause is being used by Disney to secure its corporate kingdom and keep its special tax district under its control in the face of recent tit-for-tat actions by Governor DeSantis and the Florida state legislature.
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Annual Passholder sign at Creations in EPCOT

Disney World To Sell Annual Passes Again In (2023)

Let's discuss the new Annual Pass Announcement with all of the details you want to know!
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Fire Breaks Out In EPCOT’s American Pavilion

What looks like to be caused by fireworks - is quickly put out by the many safety systems that Disney has put into place.
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Why is the Reedy Creek Improvement District important to Disney?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Walt Disney World and The Reedy Creek Improvement District, a unique type of government agency in Florida.
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Walt Disney World SOLD OUT For an Entire Week!

Currently there are no reservations available to any of the 4 theme parks until the 22nd of February
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Face Masks Are Optional At Disney World Starting 2/17

alt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida has made the decision to drop the requirement that the face coverings be worn while indoors for vaccinated guests
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Happy Video: Surprising Grandma at Disney World

Close your eyes, count to 3, and make a wish. Did it come true?
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