New Street Signs Debuts at Walt Disney World

When you arrive at Walt Disney World Resort there are a few iconic ways to recognize that you are home. One is the huge welcome sign from Mickey and Minnie that also received a makeover last Summer to celebrate the 50th anniversary – and the purple and red highway signs. They would tell you what hotels were close, and where to head to – over the standard issue green is used throughout the rest of the US.

This shouldn’t be too big of a surprise as this now matches the Transportation and Ticket Center was also painted over the last Summer. Other changes is the capitalization of EPCOT over the previous Epcot listing.

The signs were originally designed in the 1990’s by Sussman/Prejza for Disney World and Disneyland Paris (EuroDisney).

What do you think of the new color scheme? Are you going to miss the 90’s color scheme?

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