Thinking About Disney’s Photopass For Your Next Trip?

One of the best ways to extend your vacation is to take hundreds of wonderful photos that you can look back on well after your trip has finished. If you’ve visited Walt Disney World before, you’ve likely seen or used the Disney PhotoPass photographers who are located around the parks. They offer individuals and families an opportunity to have their photos taken without one of your party having to be the photographer and miss out on being in the images. Today we’re going to look at Disney’s Memory Maker and how it could help you make the most of the Disney PhotoPass service on your next vacation.

What is Disney’s Memory Maker?

Memory Maker is an additional extra you can purchase for your next Walt Disney World trip. It allows you to download all of the Disney PhotoPass images and videos that are taken during your vacation, which includes ones taken on rides and in restaurants. The photos are connected with your MagicBand, card, or mobile phone. Using the My Disney Experience app, you can download your images, ready to share with your friends and family back home or upload them to social media.

With Memory Maker, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited photos during your vacation, all for one price. Especially if you are traveling with a large family, you’ll find it to be a great way to capture huge family photos that you can all look back on after your vacation. PhotoPass photographers are located in many of the most iconic photo locations in the parks, and they often have additional props and tools to create unique photos you wouldn’t be able to capture by yourself.

Memory Maker Pricing Options

Memory Maker comes with three different pricing options:

  • One Day Memory Maker – $69 – Enjoy one day’s worth of Disney PhotoPass services.
  • Memory Maker Advance Purchase – $169 – You’ll need to buy this at least three days before you want to start using the service. You’ll be able to enjoy taking videos and photos throughout your vacation, and it offers you a good saving in comparison to the in-park price.
  • Memory Maker – $199 – If you are purchasing your Memory Maker once you arrive in the parks or at your resort, you’ll be able to use your Memory Maker immediately upon purchase.

From time to time, Disney also offers special offers on Memory Maker, so these are well worth looking out for before your next trip. For example, in the past, they’ve added additional days to both the regular and one-day Memory Maker, offering even better value for money. These are often limited-time offers but are well worth taking advantage of if they are available on your upcoming vacation. If you are traveling from the UK, it’s good to note that Memory Maker is often included for free in the UK exclusive Disney tickets.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Memory Maker on Your Next Vacation

There are many reasons why we believe anyone should look at purchasing Memory Maker for their next Disney vacation. These are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when using this service.

Quality Photos and Videos

All of Disney’s photographers are well trained, using high-tech equipment that’s likely much better than what you are willing to carry around the park all day. You’ll receive images that you can upload online to share with the world or print off to create memorabilia of your trip. On the site, you’ll find there are so many customization options, allowing you to add borders and fun additions to any of your photos. In the parks, they often have props for you to hold, or the photographers can create magical images featuring your favorite Disney characters.

No Limit to the Number of Images You Can Download

The best thing about Memory Maker is that there is no limit to the number of images you can download following your trip. You’ll be able to take hundreds of photos during your trip, as well as downloading your on-ride and restaurant photos. You can share your downloads with up to 25 members of your Family & Friends list on the app, who will also be able to download images. You’ll need to make sure you do this in time, though, as all images will expire 45 days after they were taken.

Nobody is Missing From Images

Whether you are traveling solo or as a family, one of the biggest problems is trying to get everyone in the images. PhotoPass photographers will ensure that everyone is in the image each and every time, so you won’t have to rely on mom or dad to be your party’s photographer. Many of us are still wary about sharing our phones with strangers during the recent pandemic, so you’ll be able to enjoy having group photos taken by a professional photographer safely.

Fun Disney Magic Touches

Disney also offers “Magic Shots” which add a little fun to your images that you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise. You’ll find various characters that can appear in your photos, adding more Disney magic to your memories. They also have a very cool extra from time to time called the “Super Zoom” shots, which allow you to have an image taken from above, which creates a unique effect. For anyone who enjoys being creative themselves, after you receive your images, you can then edit them. You can add borders, stickers, and captions to each image to create fun photos that you’ll enjoy sharing with everyone back home. You could even use this to create a family holiday card for the upcoming holiday season.

Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Memory Maker

Of course, if you are going to pay out for Memory Maker, you want to make the most of it on your next trip. While you could buy PhotoPass images separately, they are very expensive in comparison. Ten digital downloads will set you back the same price as the advance purchase Memory Maker, as they are $16.95 each. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about selecting your favorite shots, and within just a dozen images or so, you’ve recouped the cost of this purchase.

We encourage you to take advantage of using every PhotoPass photographer you see in the parks. If you are in a large group, you can also get a cast member at the photo center to add everyone’s ride photos by showing the ID number of the images, or in some locations, you can add these with your MagicBand as you leave the ride. Make sure you keep checking your account from time to time during your trip to ensure all of your photos are on your account, as once in a while, there are linking issues.

There are loads of attractions where you can get your photos added, and some of these are done automatically without you having to do anything. You’ll also find they add fun little videos of your ride, such as on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It’s a great way to remember your time on vacation, and you’ll have photos and videos that everyone will love looking back on for many years.

Memory Maker is a great addition to any Walt Disney World vacation, and you’ll find that you can very quickly and easily make up for the cost of the advance purchase Memory Maker. We encourage you always to purchase this in advance of your trip to get the best value for money, and then make the most of the photographers around the parks to create a huge collection of images for you and your family to enjoy looking back on when you get home.

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