What to Wear to Disney Traditions?

Ready to earn your ears and become a cast member at “The Happiest Place on Earth?” Before you start working at Walt Disney World, there is a lot to learn about the Disney culture and making magic for guests. Disney is well known for being the top vacation spot globally, and for a good reason. Families from all over the world come to visit Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts to experience one-of-a-kind vacations!

The cast members at Disney World are truly the magic behind every dream Disney vacation. Disney cast members are known for going above and beyond and can make every guest feel special, no matter their age. If you are thinking about becoming a cast member at Disney, there are many things you must learn before you jump into your new role.

What is “Traditions” at Walt Disney World?

Before you get your costume and start at your new location, you will have to take a class to learn how to become a cast member at Walt Disney World. Traditions at Walt Disney World is an onboarding orientation course that will equip you with everything you need to know about working at “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Here you will learn how to interact with guests, the history of Walt Disney World, Disney Safety protocols, and much more about working at Disney Parks and Resorts.  

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Traditions will be your first day working at Disney and taken at Disney University, just behind the Magic Kingdom. Your Disney Traditions class will have all types of employees, from managers to lifeguards and everyone in between. All new Disney cast members must take this class. The beginning of the course is full of the history of Disney, the culture at Disney, and the importance of the Disney way of doing things. This is a great way to meet new cast members throughout the Disney Parks and in many different roles. Everyone in the Traditions class is friendly and excited to start their new adventure working at Disney!

At the end of the Traditions class, you will receive your new Disney name tag, your Disney ID, and a set of Mickey Ears! At Traditions, Mickey will be there to welcome you into the Disney family! You will take a bus into the tunnel system under Disney’s Magic Kingdom, where you will see how to get your costume, learn about clocking in, and go on a tour of work environments at Disney. Here you will see the break rooms and learn about different work locations.  Once the class is over, depending on your new job, you will head over to the central costuming department across the Disney University parking lot to get your specific costume shoes tailored to your new career.

How Long After Disney Traditions do you start working at Disney?

At the end of your day at Traditions, you will sit down with a Coordinator of Training from your new work area. This Coordinator will then give you your orientation schedule. Typically, after you complete your Disney Traditions class, you will start your first workday within the next couple of days. Many cast members start the next day at their new work location. The next day you work after Traditions will depend on your availability schedule. The first few days at your new work location will be Orientation. Each Orientation will be different and have different trainings depending on the type of job you will be starting.

How Long Is Disney Traditions?

Traditions at Walt Disney World will be your first full workday at Disney. This will be an 8-hour workday for full, part-time, and seasonal employees. For College Program, it will be a four-hour class.  When they give you a time for your class to start, you want to make sure you are there ahead of time. The class begins at the exact time they give you, and you will be considered late if you show up even a minute late. The 8-hour Traditions class is broken up into two sessions, the morning and afternoon sessions. You will get a lunch break, and there is a large cafeteria where you can buy a meal or bring your lunch if you prefer. If it is a beautiful day and not too hot, spend your lunch outside at one of the picnic tables at Disney University.

Do you get paid for Disney Traditions?

You will get paid your starting hourly rate for attending Traditions. This orientation will be your first official day working at Walt Disney World. You will not be able to clock in at the start of your day because you will not have your Disney ID, but you will receive it during your Traditions class. After this day, you will always be expected to clock in and out for work at Disney.

What Should I Wear to Disney Traditions?

Because Traditions is your first day on the job, Disney does want you to dress professionally on your first day and have the “Disney Look.” You want to make sure you look professional during this day. If you are not in the dress code, you can be asked to reschedule your Traditions class. The dress code for attending Disney Traditions is business casual. You will want to make sure your outfit is business casual but comfortable for the day.

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During your Traditions class, you will be walking on a tour underneath the Magic Kingdom and sitting in a cold classroom for most of the day. Make sure to wear cute but comfortable shoes for this exciting day. You may also want to bring along a cardigan or light sweater to wear in the different classrooms you will be in. You will want to remember that Florida can be extremely hot, so make sure to dress appropriately for the weather, as you will be spending some time outside.


Ladies can wear dresses and skirts or pants to the Traditions class. You will want to stay away from sundresses and go for a more business/professional look. Dresses and skirts must go to the knee or longer, and you want to make sure you have a full sleeve covering your shoulder on any top you have. You will want to stay away from plunging necklines also.  Because you will be walking through the tunnels and in different areas, it is highly recommended not to wear heels. Flip-flops and sneakers are not allowed at Traditions.  


For men, you will want to go for a business casual look. You are ready for your class with nice slacks and a tucked-in shirt. You can wear a nice polo shirt or a button-up shirt if you would like. Remember, you will be spending time outside, so wearing a tie and coat may be too much. For your Traditions class, wear solid colors and stay away from bright patterns. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Shorts, sneakers, flip-flops, and boat shoes are not allowed.

A well-known term among College Program students for the Traditions class says, “add a blazer to it.” This term says to pick an outfit, then add a blazer to it for your day at Traditions. Layering can really help you during your Traditions class, as it allows you to look more professional and help you stay comfortable whether you are in a chili classroom or out in the Florida heat.

Can I Wear Jeans to Traditions?

Jeans are allowed at Disney Traditions, but you will want to be careful with your choice. If the Cast Members teaching your Traditions class do not think you are up to the “Disney Look,” you can be sent home. It is really all about how your outfit looks. I recommend staying away from distressed jeans or jeans with any holes in them. If you want to wear jeans to your Traditions class, try wearing a pair of black or white jeans with a cute blouse or a pair of darker jeans. This may look more professional than typical jeans. Make sure the jeans you choose are not too skinny or too tight.

To avoid wondering if your outfit will be okay or not, you may want to choose a nice pair of trousers or opt for a dress or skirt. This will ensure you are within the “Disney Look” and leave you confident for your day at Traditions.

Make sure to pick a comfortable outfit within the “Disney Look”. Make sure your outfit is something that makes you feel good and confident for your first day at Disney! Remember, you will be taking your Disney ID picture. Have your hair and makeup done to feel great in your Disney ID photo?

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With the behind-the-magic tour, Disney trivia games, and learning about the culture of Disney, the Disney Traditions class is a wonderful way to start your new career at Walt Disney World. By the end of your first day at Disney, the Traditions class will leave you excited and ready to make magic at your new work location.

Enjoy the first day of your new adventure working at the “Most Magical Place on Earth”!

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