Disney Cast Member Discounts: Do Employees Get Discounts?

One of the biggest reasons people decide to start working at Disney is because of the Disney Cast Member discounts. If you love to see the Disney Parks often, finding deals can help you to afford those pricey tickets and high dining bills.

A cast member makes a chalk drawing at Typhoon Lagoon to celebrate Easter in the Disney Parks. Disney Cast Members are amazing!
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A cast member makes a chalk drawing at Typhoon Lagoon to celebrate Easter in the Disney Parks. Disney Cast Members are amazing!

My niece was a cast member through the Disney College Program. We also know several cast members through our trips throughout the years. They have shared with us all of the benefits of being a Disney Cast Member so we can pass this information along to you.

From helping you plan the perfect vacation to serving you excellent meals, Disney Cast Members are indeed what makes the magic happen on your Disney Vacation. Disney employees work hard to make sure guests have everything they need and have a trip of a lifetime while visiting the Happiest Place on Earth.

Do Disney Employees get Disney Cast Member Discounts?

Disney has changed many policies over the years, especially since Covid. Do Disney employees still get Disney Cast Member discounts?

The answer to that question is yes, employees receive a cast member discount on dining, Disney resort stays, weddings, a merchandise discount and free park tickets. The Walt Disney Company offers excellent rates, and discounts to employees, this way, their cast members have the chance to not only work at the Disney Parks, but they can enjoy Disney firsthand.

Do Disney Employees Get Free Park Tickets?

Disney employees get free park tickets, but there are some rules and regulations to use them. A Disney employee can get a complimentary theme park admission into the Disney Theme Parks using their Disney Cast Member Company ID after two weeks of your employee start date. If you work for Disney, it is like having your own annual passes!

Cast Members also have the chance to get their friends and families into the parks, but some stipulations must be followed to use them.

Main Gate Pass

After 90 days of working at Disney, Cast Members will get a Main Gate Pass that allows them to bring a specific number of guests into the park for free. Most Cast Members can get in how many dependents they have, or three guests at a time using their Main Gate Pass.

The number of times the Cast Members can use their Main Gate Pass depends on how long they have worked for Disney.  Disney Employees who have worked at Disney less than 15 years will receive a Blue Main Gate Pass, and over 15 years receive a Silver Main Gate Pass. Blue Main Gate Pass Cast Members can use their Main Gate Pass 16 times a year.

For Silver Main Gate Cast Members, there is no limit on how many times you can get friends and family into the park with your Main Gate Pass. There are blackout dates with the Main Gate Passes, and you do need a reservation to use them.

Complimentary Tickets

Disney employees usually get three Complimentary Disney Park Hopper tickets, typically twice a year (usually during select dates in the winter and summer) to use to give to friends and family. Disney does not have a specific date or season these come out, and the free tickets employees receive have changed many times over the years.

Disney employees cannot sell these tickets, they are only guest passes for their friends and families.

The cast members at the Disney ticket turnstile will take your word on the age of your child.
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The cast members at the Disney ticket turnstile.

Discounted Tickets

Disney employees can purchase extra Disney Park tickets for friends and family. Cast Members get 10-15% off Disney Park Tickets they want to buy with these exclusive discounts.

Do Disney Employees Get Discounts on Resort Stays, Cruises, Dining, or Merchandise?

Disney Cast Members receive significant discounts on most things Disney has to offer. From Resort Stays to Disney Cruises, Disney Employees have the chance to experience the magic of Disney at a lower price than the average guest. Disney Cast Members can score amazing discounts on and off Disney Properties.

Some Disney discounts Cast Members can receive are:

  • Merchandise Discounts – the value of the discount you receive depends on how long you have worked at Disney. If you are a Blue Main Gate Pass, you receive 20% off merchandise, and a Silver Main Gate Pass, for cast members who have worked at Disney for more than 15 years, receive 35% off Disney merchandise purchases.
  • Discounts on Dining – A 20% off cast member dining discount on select Disney Dining Locations, most of them being sit-down Disney Restaurants. The discount amounts can even increase at special times during the year.
  • Resort Discounts – Receive Up to 50% off Disney Resort select hotels for Cast Members and up to 40% off for employee friends and family. These are very low prices that can’t be beat!
  • Disney Cruise Discounts – Great deals on cruises, but limited space is available. The discount will depend on the dates you choose to travel. You must work for Disney for a minimum of 90 days to qualify for the Disney Cruise Discounts. Disney’s Sail Away Programs allows Cast Members to buy unsold rooms 2-8 weeks before sail dates for last-minute rates!

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What Extra Discounts Do Disney Employees Get?

Cast Members are crucial part to making happy guest experiences.
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Cast Members are crucial part to making happy guest experiences.

Cast Members get great deals on Disney dining, merchandise, and resorts, but they also get some great discounts and freebies on many other great on and off-property items! Here are some of the great deals Disney employees will receive!

On-Property Discounts

  • Free entry to Disney Water Parks, there are black-out dates.
  • Discounts on Disney Spa Services. Cast Members can receive 15% off select 50 minute or longer spa services at select Disney Spa locations.
  • Discounts on recreation locations like golfing at Disney Locations.
  • Jellyrolls at Disney’s Boardwalk gives Cast Members 50% off cover charge Monday – Friday and free entry on Sundays.
  • Disney Mini Golf Courses give Cast Members 50% off for employees and guests.
  • Disney Cast Members receive extra discounts on Dining, Merchandise, and Resort stays during the Holidays at Select Disney Locations.
  • Discounted Tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.
  • Discounts on shopping and dining at the local restaurants at Disney Springs and Disney’s Boardwalk.
  • Free Lockers at the Disney Theme Parks.
  • Complimentary strollers and wheelchairs at Disney Theme Parks.

Discounts on Tours

At select Disney locations throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts, Cast Members get special discounts on Disney Tours. Employees have the chance to get up close and go behind the scenes in these memorable Disney experiences!

  • Backstage Magic Tour

Go behind the scenes across Walt Disney World Resorts and see what it takes to bring the magic of Disney to life! This one-of-a-kind tour is 7 hours and takes. You have the chance to experience places most guests have never seen! Cast Members get a 35% discount on this tour.

This 5-hour tour will allow you to explore the Magic Kingdom, where you will discover little-known facts, trivia, and great information about Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom. Cast Members will receive 50% off this walking tour.

  • Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom

Take a VIP expedition with up-close encounters with African Wildlife, where you will cross a rope bridge grassland path and ride in a rugged safari vehicle! Cast Members get 50% off this fantastic nature experience.

  • Fishing Tours

Cast Members receive 15% off a two hours Fishing excursion at Disney. Disney offers two fishing excursions to choose from, Guided Bass Fishing Excursions and Bass Nitro Fishing Excursions. The fishing boats will pick you up at select Disney marinas and provide everything you will need to catch prized largemouth bass on one of Disney’s lakes.

  • EPCOT’s Seas Aqua Tour

Tuesday through Saturday, Cast Members can get 50% off this snorkeling experience in the aquarium at The Sea with Nemo & Friends Pavilion. Get up close with marine life in this spectacular experience!

Cast Members Only sign in front of Disney's Riviera Resort
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Cast Members Only sign in front of Disney’s Riviera Resort

Disney Wedding Discounts

Disney Cast Members get amazing discounts on Fairytale weddings at Disney. Cast Members receive up to 50% off Fairytale Weddings! That can save a considerable amount of money, as the prices of Disney Weddings are very high!

To use the discounts, it is best to book years in advance. Cast Members will also receive 10% off Disney Floral services for their Disney Wedding. Disney employees receive complimentary registry set up and planning for couples planning a Disney Honeymoon.

Christmas Discounts

During the holiday season, Disney gives their Employees Holiday books with different discounts and free items. These are some of the best deals Disney Cast Members receive throughout the year!

As a former Disney Cast Member, I looked forward to receiving these booklets in the mail every Christmas season. We would take our family to the park, and the kids would love to pick their favorite snacks to use the snack coupons on!

These booklets have discounts that include:

  • A 50%, 40%, and 30% coupons for Disney Dining at select locations throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts.
  • Free Disney Putt-Putt Golf Tickets.
  • Free Waterpark Tickets.
  • 10 Free Snack and Drink Tickets.

Cast Connection Store

Cast Connection is a cast member exclusive store where retired or extra merchandise is being sold. This is one of the best discount stores where you can find exclusive merchandise that isn’t sold to the general public. You can even find old cast member costumes and furniture from resorts.

Some great Off-Property discounts Disney Cast Members can receive are:

  • 10% off AMC Theaters tickets.
  • Discounted tickets for Sea World and Busch Gardens.
  • Discounts at AT&T on phone plans and accessories.
  • 35% off Orlando Magic Tickets on home games.
  • 20% off Orlando City Soccer Tickets (Men’s and Women’s).
  • Discounts on Orlando area off property resorts such as Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista in the Walt Disney World Resort Area, Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace, Four Seasons Resort Orlando, Holiday Inn Resort Orlando- Lake Buena Vista, Margaritaville Resort Orlando, and many more.
  • Wyland Galleries of Florida gives Disney employees 10-15% off jewelry and 20-35% off art.
  • 10% off at Nike Outlet.
  • 20% off at Timberland Outlet.
  • Free entry for Disney Cast Members at Howl at the Moon Orlando.
Check out the perks from this Disney Cast Member himself.

What Benefits do Disney Employees Receive?

Disney employees receive great benefits from working at Disney. Disney does well at taking care of its employees and has many programs to help Cast Members outside of work. Most benefits Disney offers are to their full-time employees, but some benefits are available to part-time and seasonal employees.

Some of the benefits Disney Cast Members receive are:

  • Weekly Pay for employees.
  • Affordable Health Insurance- Disney offers many Health Insurance plans to choose from, including Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts and Family Insurance Plans.
  • Paid Time Off- Full-time Cast Members receive paid time off for vacations and sick time.
  • Retirement Options- Disney offers several retirement plans full and part-time employees can choose to participate in. They offer 401K programs and many different options to choose from.
  • Wellness Programs- Disney offers many Wellness Programs for Cast Members to participate in. Cast Members can even get incentives for participating in these programs.
  • On-Site Child Care- Disney offers on-site YMCA childcare for Disney employees.
  • On-Site Wellness and Fitness Classes.
  • Volunteer opportunities through the Disney VoluntEARS Program.
Disney Cast Member Discounts - Cast Member Perks
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Final Thoughts

Disney does a great job at taking care of its employees. They offer excellent benefits and discounts to employees to help them have a tremendous work-life and a great personal life. Ensuring employees can afford childcare and health care is essential to Disney, and it is wonderful that Disney has programs set up to ensure employees are taken care of.

If you travel to Disney often and are thinking about starting a career at Disney, the benefits, and discounts that Disney World Cast Members are offered are more than most jobs anywhere else can offer.

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Are you a current Disney Cast Member? Let us know what your favorite Disney Discount is!

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  • Jill Welch

    What are some Disney remote jobs that you can do at home and still qualify for Disney cast benefits? I am retired and living in Colorado but have been at Disney World many times while my children were growing up . Now I would like to help my grandchildren experience the joy! I have also been to Disney Paris. Fun times, unforgettable !!!!

  • Hi, if you are an employee can you go literally any day you want with your employee pass? No blackout dates just by yourself only.

  • Vinai Phongsvanit

    Hello I have a silver pass and I wondered how I can get the complimentary tickets

    • Do you have the ticket vouchers you can print off or link in My Disney Experience app? Previously you would print off the voucher and trade them in at Will Call windows.

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