Everything You Need To Know About Disney’s Kite Tails

Disney Kite Tails was specifically designed to be added to the parks for Walt Disney World’s 50th Celebration, but with so many new additions it is easy to miss this amazing show happening at Animal Kingdom. The show has caught the attention of many Disney World guests, especially with the intentional crashing of the kites as part of the experience. Disney’s Kite Tails offers the rare opportunity to stop and take a much needed break in the parks while enjoying some of your favorite Disney characters and music.

What is Disney Kite Tails?

It is an outdoor show held at the Discovery River Amphitheater. Six times a day, every day, cast members ride around on jet skis, flying massive kites in the sky. The kites are eye-catching because of their bright colors and wind-led material. It is a mesmerizing, yet relaxing and peaceful show to observe and enjoy. During the show, there are cast members walking around at the bottom of the amphitheater stands, contributing to the show from land, with more amazing kites that you might be able to be a part of as well! Among these, you might see Crush and Squirt from Finding Nemo, Simba from the Lion King, or the elephants from The Jungle Book! Out on the water, the larger kites fly around in circles, pulled by cast members on jet skis, which is truly an awesome sight to see. The character kites are flown out to the classic songs from their films, adding to the entertainment and fun of the spectacle that is timed to music.

Part of kite tails with characters from Nemo
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How many kite tail shows are there?

One of the most exciting parts about KiteTails is that there are two different shows, which alternate throughout the day. You might catch the Jungle Book themed show, starring Baloo and King Louie, or you might be there for the Lion King themed version! The Lion King performance stars Zazu, Simba, Timon, Pumba, and of course, Mufasa, among others. The main event of the show is the character kites that are so big they appear to be more like large balloons in the sky. However, when Disney puts on a show, they make sure to deliver. At KiteTails, you’ll see large balloon-kites, smaller more standard looking kites, and you’ll also see cast members parading around the bottom of the amphitheater stands holding up what could be described as flag-like kites. Some guests have also noticed Flounder featured on a smaller kite as part of the show on the water.

When Does it start and how long is the show?

Currently, you can catch the Disney KiteTails show each day beginning at 11:15am, until the last show that takes place at 5:15pm. Check your My Disney Experience App for the most updated show times for your vacation. The shows happens once every hour and they last about 15 minutes each.

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Where can I watch Disney Kite Tails?

The show is at the Discovery River Theatre on Animal Kingdom Lagoon. There are four locations where you can view the intriguing and entertaining production over the water.

The Discovery River Theatre has three areas for viewing the show. Location 1 is closest to Asia and will allow you an up close view of the kites crashing during the show. Locations 2&3 are on the side closest to Dinoland USA. If you are facing the water, the left side location will offer more cast member interaction while the right side location offers an amazing view of the show. If you’re going to sit anywhere at the amphitheater, try to arrive a few minutes early to the show to secure your spot. The amphitheater is not covered, so you will have the afternoon sun shining down on you. Some guests bring umbrellas and others go for the earlier shows in hopes that it might not be as hot outside yet.

Lastly, some guests prefer the lesser-known fourth seating area & viewing spot where you can watch the show: Flame Tree Barbecue. I’d recommend this if you want to enjoy some delicious food, cool off, and chill under Flame Tree’s covered seating. This location will not have any cast member interaction.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go take a 15 minute break, sit down with your family and friends, enjoy the kites of all shapes and sizes, and engage in a playful, fascinating performance over the water. Maybe, you’ll even catch a breeze if you sit closer to the bottom of the stands!

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