Video of Fight Breaking Out in Toy Story Land

Going to Disney World can be a stressful event, getting up at 7AM to ensure you get the access to the rides you want, and don’t even get me started on the cost of Genie+. It’s enough to make anyone need a vacation from their vacation. Toy Story Mania inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a fun filled attraction, as you go shooting 3D targets in a spinning cart against your opponent.

We aren’t sure what exactly caused this breakout of violence in the queue exit – one might speculate the other was upset over trash talking or losing to a higher score. There’s one thing we do know – there’s no place for violence at Disney World. There are children present, and while the folks involved here look younger – we can only hope that neither are hurt severely from their poor choices made here tonight.

From Twitter was have video of – with the user who posted suggesting that Annual Passes aren’t high enough. We strongly disagree with them, but hey we aren’t going to fight you on the subject.

This is the second fight to breakout recently, with the other incident happening in Living with the Land inside of Epcot.

We are sadden by the events of this outbreak of violence, and Disney World has been a place that many have come to love as a safe home away from home. Walt Disney once said, “To All Who Come To This Happy Place, Welcome”. Sure he was addressing the crowd at Disneyland, but I think Disney World is where his dream really took flight. So if you’re out in the parks, please remember to be kind to one another.

Do you think they got banned for life? Or possibly put into Disney Jail?

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  • 1. The prices to high was a joke it said, lmmfao after. Because obviously we all know they are high enough.
    2. The 2 main people are old you saod appear to be young.. Nah their kids that were attempting to help them were old. Also there is a 3rd adult male that got outta there shortly after it happened. Ridiculous nonetheless

  • Joe Sanchez

    They just be ban for life, and prosecuted?

  • I would be surprised if they got a ban as a Disney Worker myself I was assaulted by a guest and nothing happened I wanted to press charges and with 3 witnesses who wrote a statement they did nothing. It’s a sad world we live in right now!

    • Miranda

      That is terrible!

    • Dawn Giammarco

      I’m so sorry that happened to you

    • Bayley Clark

      Thank you for being a part of making the magic happen. I am so sorry to hear this and hope that you get some extra kindness from guests in the future!

  • I wanna know more about Disney Jail!

    • its a probationary time period set by disney based on the action or crime committed at any disney resort or hotel, if that happens then they are unable to go to any disney park, hotel, or restaurant until the time period is over. If its lifetime ban well thats self explanatory. Most fights turn into lifetime ban

    • Bayley Clark

      We are working on this, thank you for your support!

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