The Mysterious Orlando Sun Resort, Abandoned and Forgotten

The Orlando Sun Resort entrance across from Celebration is abandoned, and nature overgrowing the sign.
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The Orlando Sun Resort entrance across from Celebration is abandoned, and nature overgrowing the sign.

When I leave my brother-in-law’s house in Celebration, I take the Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy to the airport to return.  On the right-hand side, you see an abandoned with overgrown landscaping and even curtains flapping in the afternoon sun.

I can’t imagine why one of the luxury hotel brands didn’t buy this location and turn it into another off-property hotel. It’s a more convenient location near so many theme parks. It is very close to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios. It would be a huge hit for visitors to EPCOT or Magic Kingdom.

The ‘Orlando Sun Resort’ is an abandoned site that captures the imagination. This once grand location now stands in neglect, a silent witness to a history that’s not well known. Its crumbling structures have a mysterious quality, making people curious about its past glories.

This resort was once a symbol of luxury and a place for relaxation, but now it serves as a stark reminder of what could have been. Its large, decaying buildings represent a distinctive part of the history of luxurious vacation spots.

In our exploration, we’ll delve into the complex hallways, uncover the storied past of the resort, and investigate why it was abandoned. This journey offers a unique look at an architectural treasure that has many stories to tell.

The History and Mystery of the Abandoned Orlando Sun Resort

1970: Construction began for the Carolando Motor Inn

1972: Hyatt Orlando Resort Opened

9/2003: Hyatt Abruptly Closes

2007: Moinian Group opens the resort again

2012: The Orlando Sun Resort closes it’s doors for the last time

The former Carolando Motor Inn has a fence up to keep Urban Explorers out, but the gate is open for those brave enough to go in (not recommended).
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The former Carolando Motor Inn has a fence up to keep Urban Explorers out, but the gate is open for those brave enough to go in (not recommended).

The Orlando Sun Resort, initially planned to be named the Carlando, faced challenges right from its construction phase. The property was sold even before it became operational. 

In the early 1970s, the Carolando Motor Inn opened with over 900 rooms, making it the largest hotel in the vicinity of Disney World at that time. This was well before the town of Celebration was established, nearly 25 years later.

The resort, later known as the Hyatt Orlando Resort, opened its doors in 1972. In a surprising turn of events, the Orlando Hyatt shut down abruptly in September 2003. It left its employees jobless without prior notice. It also forced guests to leave immediately without offering refunds.

Afterwards, the Moinian Group purchased the resort at an auction. It remained unused for a time as they planned its future. In 2007, the group reopened it as the Orlando Sun Resort and Convention Center. Unfortunately, the resort closed permanently in 2012.

The story of the now-abandoned Orlando Sun Resort is both captivating and enigmatic. It was once a hub of luxury and entertainment in Florida. Presently, this abandoned landmark tells a tale of lost splendor and unmet promises.

Where there was once lively activity, the resort and hotel now stand quiet and empty. The reasons behind this turn of events add to the fascinating yet forgotten chapters of abandoned places.

In the Orlando area, the Sun Resort is known not only for its abandonment but also for the mysterious circumstances that led to its decline. The history of the resort is veiled in uncertainty, contributing to its mystique.

Designed to be a pinnacle of elegance and luxury, the resort’s sudden abandonment has added a notable element to Florida’s landscape of forgotten places. The empty buildings and unused leisure areas of the Orlando Sun Resort now stand as a haunting testament to a grand dream that was never fully realized.

This silence contrasts sharply with the once vibrant life it held. Though its story is clouded in mystery, the Orlando Sun Resort continues to spark interest in the phenomenon of abandoned locations. Often referred to as the ‘abandoned atlas’—a collection of deserted and forgotten places, each with its own unique story.

The other sign at the Orlando Sun Resort way over grown.
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The other sign at the Orlando Sun Resort is way over grown.

Exploring the Abandoned Posts of Kissimmee’s Ominous Hotel

The once-famous Orlando Sun Resort, located in the heart of Orlando, now lies abandoned, shrouded in mystery. This hotel, which was once bustling with activity, stands quiet, its empty structures echoing with stories from the past.

Located in Kissimmee, the resort was once a symbol of luxury and joy. It mirrored the lively atmosphere of nearby Walt Disney World, filled with the sounds of laughter and conversation. Unfortunately, it now sits forgotten, with only echoes of its glorious past remaining.

Walking through the deserted spaces of the Orlando Sun Resort in Kissimmee evokes a sense of nostalgia. It recalls a period of boundless enjoyment and elegance. Located close to Walt Disney World Resort, it was an ideal spot for family vacations and fun. It offers a blend of Orlando’s excitement and its own peaceful setting.

It’s current state of neglect is a ghost town like Jacksonville. The Orlando Sun Resort still holds significant history within its walls. Exploring these abandoned buildings can be risky due to hazards. These hazards include mold, the presence of homeless people, and wildlife. It reveals the vibrant life it once held.

As Walt Disney World continues to attract visitors, the Orlando Sun Resort remains in obscurity. A part of Orlando’s forgotten and deserted areas. The contrast between the liveliness of Disney and the quiet, abandoned resort is striking.

The Role of Osceola County in the Fate of Orlando Sun Resort

Once a vibrant part of Central Florida’s tourism, the closure of the Orlando Sun Resort was unexpected. This raised questions about Osceola County’s involvement in its downfall.

This resort was a former hotspot for tourists seeking sunny adventures. It deteriorated into a state of disrepair, becoming an eerie landmark in the county. Situated in Orlando’s bustling center, the resort’s trajectory seemed to be influenced significantly by the decisions of Osceola County authorities.

The Orlando Sun Resort played a major role in showcasing the thriving tourism sector of Orlando. Its abrupt shutdown left a noticeable gap in the county’s tourism landscape. This negatively affected Central Florida’s image. The closure of the resort left Osceola County facing the enigma of an abandoned property. This overshadowed the region’s bright tourism prospects.

There has been considerable speculation about the role Osceola County played in the resort’s fate. The abandoned state of the resort reflects poorly on the county’s management. It also reflects poorly on the planning for tourism development.

The disappearance of this once-thriving resort from the heart of Orlando was a surprising setback. It set back Central Florida’s reputation as a tourist destination.

The current state of the abandoned Orlando Sun Resort casts a revealing light on the destiny of such properties. It underscores the significant impact of Osceola County’s decisions on the development of Orlando’s resort and tourism industries. The story of the abandoned Sun Resort is entwined with the county’s actions. Marking a memorable chapter in Central Florida’s tourism history

It should also be noted that the events of September 11th had a considerable impact on Orlando’s tourism. Leading to a decline that affected many resorts, including Orlando Sun. The link between this downturn adds to the complex narrative surrounding the property.

In 2004, the 77-acre resort was acquired by MoinianGroup for $30 million. Plans were made for demolition in 2009, followed by the construction of a new resort, which was scheduled for completion in 2016. This period saw the development of the planned Landmark Sun Resort.

Unraveling the Untold Stories from the Abandoned Posts at Orlando Sun Resort

Watch this Bright Sun Films youtube channel for a walkthrough of this creepy, abandoned Orlando Sun Resort.

The story of the Orlando Sun Resort is a tale of abandonment. This hotel, once a vibrant part of Orlando’s sunny landscape, now lies deserted, its quiet spaces holding many untold stories.

As we explore these stories, we discover the lives of individuals and employees who were deeply connected to the resort. The resort was managed by the Meyers Group, . The hotel was a thriving destination, capturing the essence of Orlando’s fun and sun-filled atmosphere.

In a surprising turn of events, this resort, known for its bright sunshine and lively atmosphere, stands empty today. Unlike many abandoned places that are completely run-down, parts of the Orlando Sun Resort still hold onto some of their past beauty.

The sunlight shining on the resort’s exterior highlights the captivating history. This once-busy hotel now forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

The involvement of Osceola County in the hotel’s success and its eventual abandonment is intriguing. The resort, which was once full of life and a popular destination for sun-seekers, shut its doors. It left behind a trail of unanswered questions.

The story of the Orlando Sun Resort goes beyond just being an abandoned hotel; it mirrors the changes in the hospitality industry. The hidden tales within the resort’s abandoned structure give us a glimpse into its prosperous past. As well as a stark reminder of its sudden decline.

The unfolding story of the Orlando Sun Resort continues to add new chapters to its history.

Why Are Abandoned Hotels and Resorts so Fascinating?

What makes abandoned hotels like the Orlando Sun Resort so captivating, particularly to those in Orlando? Their allure seems to stem from a combination of their former splendor and their current, mysterious quietness. The Orlando Sun Resort, now deserted, was a lively center of activity, bustling with visitors from all over.

From an architect’s perspective, an abandoned hotel is more than a forsaken building. Hotels are designed to offer enjoyable experiences to those who stay in them.

Their abandonment brings a deeper level of fascination. The silent rooms, once full of life, now hold untold stories, adding to the intrigue.

The Orlando Sun Resort, also known as the Delta Resort, embodies all these captivating elements. Currently quiet and vacant, its rooms seem to whisper the stories of past guests, inviting us to ponder the memories and moments now lost in time.

Since it ceased to draw visitors, this resort has faded from the public’s attention. It remains an object of interest for both architects and onlookers because of its abandoned state and the many mysteries it contains. Abandoned hotels like the Orlando Sun Resort are enthralling. They merge the elegance of their architecture with the poignant charm of a bygone era.

Is it Illegal to Explore Abandoned Resorts?

In the world of urban exploration, also known as ‘urbex’, questions about legality are common. Is it legal to explore abandoned places like the mysterious Orlando Sun Resort near Walt Disney World? In Florida, the rules about exploring these places can be unclear, so urban explorers should be cautious to avoid legal issues.

Explorers are often drawn to places like the abandoned Atlas. A unique and now quiet location in the Jacksonville area, which stands as a silent reminder of its former greatness.

These abandoned spots, with their scenic decay and nature taking over, are captivating and a bit scary at the same time. Photographers and explorers are attracted to their eerie beauty. Especially when reflected in still water, adding a calm yet haunting feel to the surroundings.

Nearby, Walt Disney World represents a stark contrast to these abandoned sites. Symbolizing childhood joy against the backdrop of these forgotten places.

Exploring these sites comes with risks. There’s the concern of invading the privacy of the original owners. While some explorers are careful to respect boundaries, others cross the line, making their actions illegal.

The Hyatt hotel chain is a well-known name in the travel industry. They have raised concerns about people exploring their abandoned properties. Especially as they may have plans to renovate these buildings.

The question of legality in urban exploration depends on respecting the property. It’s important to understand the laws about trespassing.

Abandoned Disney Resort The mysterious Orlando Sun Resort
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The Orlando Sun Resort continues to be a fascinating piece of architectural history. Its isolated state reflects the temporary nature of human achievements. Though it’s now forgotten and deteriorating, it still has a mysterious charm that attracts explorers and history buffs.

Abandoned it may be, but it’s far from irrelevant. Its decaying walls and overgrown spaces speak volumes about its rich past. The resort is more than just an empty building; it’s a symbol of how times and trends change, showing the fleeting nature of grandeur. In its quiet decline, it retains a sense of elegance and a story that endures.

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