Secrets You Didn’t Know About Splash Mountain

Everyone loves Splash Mountain for different reasons: the classic songs, the Br’er critters, or the 52.5-foot drop at the end! 

This Frontierland attraction originated in Disneyland and was brought to Walt Disney World in 1992 because of its success. Whether it’s scorching hot or shivering cold outside, Guests love riding through the Southern bayou all day long.

Here are 5 facts about Splash Mountain that you probably didn’t know!

Splash Mountain Got Its Name from a Film

While the thrilling log flume ride is based on Song of the South, Disney CEO Michael Eisner suggested naming Splash Mountain after the movie Splash, starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, in order to promote the film. It’s up for debate if this title increased the film’s ticket sales, but the name stuck, in contrast to its working title, “Zip-A-Dee River Run.”

Splash Mountain Delayed Its Opening Because Executives Got Too Wet!

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Would you ride Splash Mountain if you were drenched each time? (photos by VIAVAL /

You read that correctly! Testing the attraction in Disneyland, executives got drenched upon the final plunge of the ride. Florida Guests would probably find the abundance of water refreshing in 100-degree heat, but not the Guests in Anaheim, where the weather drops to the 60s in the winter. 

Executives didn’t want Guests to say no to a ride because they would get soaked. Yet, the ride took almost a million gallons of water to operate, so the task seemed impossible. (Can you imagine how long it takes to refill the river during a refurbishment?) After months of adjustments, Imagineers redesigned the boats and diverted water to spray to the sides rather than straight up.

Don’t worry, Guests who opt to sit in the front row will surely get cooled down!

Each Splash Mountain Across the World Is Different

While the Splash Mountains at Walt Disney World and Tokyo are based on California’s version, they all have different ride lengths and amounts of drops. Tokyo’s is the longest log flume ride, and Magic Kingdom’s has 5 drops, taking the lead.

But they still have the same amount of thrill! The plummet at the end of each attraction is 52.5 feet, though! 

It Has One of the Largest Props on Property

Even after the final drop, there’s still more to see on Splash Mountain in Walt Disney World! The Zip-A-Dee Lady welcomes Guests with a chorus of 22 animatronics singing Song of the South’s most famous song, “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.” This ship is an astonishing 36 feet wide and 22 feet tall, making it one of the largest props at Walt Disney World.

Boat Prop
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Hidden Mickeys

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While waiting in line see if you can find some hidden Mickeys (photos by VIAVAL /

A classic attraction isn’t complete without Hidden Mickeys! Right near a picnic basket, three red fishing bobbers form a Hidden Mickey! You have to look fast for the final one I’m about to mention. As you approach the top of the mountain for the last drop, you can see that the rocks are shaped in Mickey’s profile! 

Are you looking forward to the re-theming of Splash Mountain to The Princess and The Frog? Let us know in the comments!

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