Happy Video: Surprising Grandma at Disney World

Close your eyes, count to 3, and make a wish. Did it come true? Well for this grandma on her 70th birthday it did. Posing in front of Cinderella’s castles with her husband, she is photobombed with family members all surrounding her. She wasn’t expecting to see all of her family there, and she has a large family of 15+ people joining her in the photo. She is particularly excited when she sees her grand babies. I hope they were all able to get some reservations at their favorite restaurants later in their trip.

The family member who posted the video on TikTok before Some Good News shared it on Twitter also shared some photos after the surprise; we love that you can see the birthday girl’s reaction as it happens!

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me to post a video like this on the site. As I was getting upset to see guests getting into fights in Hollywood Studios, another fight in Magic Kingdom or a guest fussing out a cast member over a stroller.

The video was originally hyped up by the Twitter handle Some Good News (a Youtube channel that delivers segments about happy news in the world, which was started in 2020 by actor John Krasinksi in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic). Thank you to the family members that originally shared it so we could see this happiness within the Magic Kingdom once more.

The full original video on TikTok shows the grandma having a bit more of a moment. I absolutely love to see such happiness. Sure the parks are busy during their off peak months at the moment…but Walt Disney world is still the most magical place on earth, if you let it be. Hearing the Disney Photopass Photographer say loudly, “y’all all get in there” and someone saying “Happy Birthday!” just makes my heart filled with the magic – as she starts to realize what is actually happening. Makes me so excited to see the parks still having the magic. Golly – I might need a tissue to wipe these happy tears away. Check out the original video below to see the differences between the “viral” and original clip.


Here is the Original video y’all have been asking for!!

♬ original sound – Kshaff

Have you ever been a part of, or seen a special moment like this when you visited Walt Disney World Resort? Did you organize it? If so what type of tips would you suggestion to folks?

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