WDW Member Appreciation – Countdown to 100k!

Have you seen the page explaining how you could enter for a chance to have a Disney gift card sent to you?

If you haven’t check out the full details here https://magicalguides.com/wdw-member-appreciation/

Basically, we are thanking everyone for joining our group.  In recognition of the group growing and just being as awesome as they are we are celebrating each time we hit a new milestone to 100k members.

So someone will win a $95 gift card, $96, $97, $98, $99 and finally $100 every time we cross those milestones. This is not associated with The Walt Disney Company or Facebook.

Where do we contact you if you are picked as our winner.


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3 thoughts on “WDW Member Appreciation – Countdown to 100k!”

  1. Thanks for all the great information! We will be traveling to Disneyworld October 28 and stay through November 3rd. Celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary on October 30th just as Disneyworld celebrates its 50th anniversary! We actually traveled to Disneyworld in September of 1973 as our first vacation as a married couple, just graduating from college at the time.


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