Walt Disney World SOLD OUT For an Entire Week!

On the heels of Walt Disney World dropping the mask requirement indoors, raising multi day park tickets, along with celebrating the 50th anniversary – park reservations are all booked up. Monday, February 21st, is President’s Day with some having the day off, so a three day weekend is helping crowd the parks. Currently there are no reservations available to any of the 4 theme parks until the 22nd of February for passholders. This type of crowds is throwing off crowd calendars for Disney World, for sure. So be sure to pack patience if you’re going soon. Also, don’t forget to book your park reservations as soon as you can.

Theme park tickets holders and Resort Guests will have a slightly tougher time to getting last minute reservations at the following parks.

  • February 19: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EPCOT
  • February 20: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • February 21: NO PARKS AVAILABLE
  • February 22: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • February 23: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • February 24: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • February 25: Magic Kingdom
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Usually you will see this level of crowds during the holidays. There’s no doubt if you have reservations you should plan to either want to rope drop the parks, or consider paying for Lightning Lane. You can see the wait times for Magic Kingdom, and they are steadily going up over the last few days.  Considering that over 50% of park goers are paying for some form of Genie+, bring your patience if you are waiting in line.

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Check out the wait times, live right here on Magical Guides, Ride Waits.

Do I have to have park reservations if I buy the park hopper ticket?

You will still need to check in on the park you reserved for the day, and after 2pm you can park hop to whatever park your heart desires assuming it has not reached capacity. Since the implementation of the park reservation system, we haven’t seen parks reach capacity often. However keep in mind Disney isn’t staffed 100% yet – so they still have other constraints.

Are Disney World Annual Passes For Sale Again, Yet?

No – Disney stopped selling the annual passes back in November 2021.  If you have one currently, you are still able to renew the pass. No discussion on price increases, yet.   So if you’re close to renewing, you might want to consider doing it within your 30 day window. Passholders do have a few more openings when it comes to reservations, depending on the level of pass you hold.  

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