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The Mysterious Orlando Sun Resort, Abandoned and Forgotten

Put the pedal to the metal in your very own hotrod and cruise along a scenic miniature motorway.
Monday, January 15, 2024
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Love the Skyliner!!


Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is a truly magical experience. The convenience of the Skyliner transportation system makes it incredibly easy to access the Disney parks while enjoying breathtaking views from above.

My kids loved the Cars-themed suites, especially the life size versions you could touch – and the food court was a step up from other value resorts.

Great theming!


The Art of Animation resort has the Skyliner making getting to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT quick and easy!

The food court at Art of Animation is a step up from Pop Century, along with the Coke-free style machines.

I would recommend staying here, especially if you are looking for a larger suite for a bigger family. Also, the theming is probably better here than any other resort from the most iconic Disney animated films, Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Finding Nemo.

When I leave my brother’s house in Celebration, I take the Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy to the airport to return.  On the right-hand side, you see an abandoned with overgrown landscaping and even curtains flapping in the afternoon sun.

I can’t imagine why one of the luxury hotel brands didn’t buy this location and turn it into another off-property hotel, as it’s in one of the more convenient locations near so many theme parks. It would be a huge hit for visitors to EPCOT or Magic Kingdom.

The ‘Orlando Sun Resort,’ an intriguing site, stands abandoned and forgotten, a monument to an obscured history. Its dilapidated structures carry an air of mystery and provoke a longing for its forgotten past. 

Once a symbol of luxury and relaxation, it is a poignant reminder of misplaced dreams. These monumental structures, now disintegrating, mark an unusual chapter in the architectural chronicles of vacation resorts. 

Below, we explore its labyrinthine corridors, fabled history, and the questions surrounding its abandonment, delivering a unique perspective on this architectural gem.

The History and Mystery of the Abandoned Orlando Sun Resort

The history of the abandoned Orlando Sun Resort is both fascinating and mysterious. The Orlando Sun Resort was once a beacon of luxury and entertainment in the heart of Florida. 

In the early 1970s, the 900+ room Carolando Motor Inn opened. At the time, it was the largest hotel near Disney World. Remember that it was almost 25+ years before the town of Celebration was built.

The former Carolando Motor Inn has a fence up to keep Urban Explorers out, but the gate is open for those brave enough to go in (not recommended).
The former Carolando Motor Inn has a fence up to keep Urban Explorers out, but the gate is open for those brave enough to go in (not recommended).

But today, this abandoned Florida landmark tells a story of forgotten glamour and unfulfilled promises. Once bustling with life, the resort and hotel sit silent and deserted. The mystery of why and how this happened forms an intriguing chapter in the abandoned atlas of forgotten places.

Around Orlando, the Sun Resort is well-known, not just for its abandonment but also for the enigmatic circumstances surrounding its decline. Its history is shrouded in the unknown, adding to the enigma of the abandoned Orlando Sun Resort. 

The resort and hotel were suddenly abandoned, designed to be the epitome of class and grandeur. This sudden shift added to the abandoned Florida landscape and the atlas of abandoned anomalies.

With its now empty hotel buildings and deserted recreational areas, the Orlando Sun Resort stands like a haunting monument to a grand vision never fully realized. An eerie silence now replaces the echoes of laughter and joy that once filled its halls; the abandoned Orlando Sun Resort remains a mystery. Though clouded in uncertainty, its story contributes to a growing interest in abandoned places, or what is increasingly being referred to as the abandoned atlas, a catalog of places deserted and forgotten, each with its unique history and mystery.

The other sign at the Orlando Sun Resort way over grown.
The other sign at the Orlando Sun Resort is way over grown.

Exploring the Abandoned Posts of Kissimmee’s Ominous Hotel: Orlando Sun Resort

The notorious Orlando Sun Resort, nestled in Orlando’s instinctively captivating heart, now stands abandoned, an enigmatic mystery. This formerly booming hotel’s deserted posts tell tales of yesteryear. 

The Resort, standing alone in Kissimmee, used to be a symbol of delight and opulence. Like the now-deserted Jacksonville, it used to resonate with joyful laughter and lively chatter, showcasing the enchanting charm of Walt Disney World. Sadly, these days, the resort is abandoned and forgotten, whispering tales from its heyday.

Stepping through the deserted posts of Kissimmee’s eerie Orlando Sun Resort tugs at your heartstrings. The deserted hotel recalls a time of limitless amusement and splendor. The once-ideal location for family getaways and endless fun was just a stone’s throw away from Walt Disney World. The perfect combination of Orlando’s thrilling life and the resort’s tranquility made it a top pick for many vacationers.

Despite their desolation, the Orlando Sun Resort, much like the ghost town of Jacksonville, still holds history within its abandoned structures. A careful exploration of these sites, though potentially dangerous due to possible mold, homeless squatters, and wild animals, unravels its former liveliness and purpose. 

While Walt Disney World continues to shine, the Orlando Sun Resort is left in the shadows, battling obscurity amid Orlando’s forgotten and abandoned landscape. A stark contrast of cheerfulness from Disney and silent eeriness from the abandoned resort is evident.

Exploring this deserted resort in Kissimmee offers a poignant reflection of architecture’s ups and downs, regardless of its grandness. The abandoned structures of the resort serve as a stark reminder of the fleeting nature of materialistic achievements.

Despite its deserted state, like the abandoned structures in Jacksonville, the Orlando Sun Resort emanates an odd allure in its desolation. Its remnants tell tales of a time when it prospered and catered to numerous guests returning from Walt Disney World with unforgettable memories.

The Role of Osceola County in the Fate of Orlando Sun Resort

The sudden desertion of the famous Orlando Sun Resort raised plenty of questions about Osceola County’s part in its fate. This resort, once the symbol of Central Florida’s lively tourism and sun-drenched fun, remarkably fell into ruin, gaining a spooky status within the county. Nestled in the heart of Orlando, the resort’s future was tightly linked to Osceola County authorities’ decisions. 

As a key player in the resort industry, Orlando Sun Resort once illustrated Orlando’s booming tourism scene. However, a hole was left in the county’s tourism fabric when it abruptly shut down. This closure dented the character of Central Florida, leaving the county to grapple with the mystery of the abandoned resort property, sitting there neglected, casting a shadow over Florida’s vibrant sun.

There has been much suspicion and doubt surrounding Osceola County’s role in the fate of the Orlando Sun Resort. The abandoned resort carries the burden of Osceola’s handling, creating a significant stress point in their tourism development plans. 

The sudden disappearance of a prospering resort in Orlando’s core was an unforeseen blow to Central Florida’s image.

Even now, the deserted Orlando Sun Resort shines a harsh light on the destiny of this abandoned property. It is a stark reminder of Osceola County’s crucial role in creating Orlando’s resort scene and tourism industry. The story of the ‘mysterious’ abandoned Sun Resort is tightly intertwined with the county’s actions, making for an unforgettable chapter in Central Florida’s tourism story.

It’s worth mentioning that the events of September 11th caused a notable drop in tourism to Orlando. This tragic event significantly impacted the city’s tourism scene and played a role in the struggles faced by resorts like Orlando Sun. However, the connection between this decline and the abandonment of the resort remains one of the many mysteries surrounding this property.

In 2004, the 77-acre property was purchased by MoinianGroup for $30 million. Demolition was set to start in 2009, with the reconstruction of a new resort to be completed in 2016. During that time, investors were completing the planned Landmark Sun Resort. 

Unraveling the Untold Stories from the Abandoned Posts at Orlando Sun Resort

The tale of the enigmatic Orlando Sun Resort is marked by abandonment. The abandoned posts of this resort hotel, scattered in the sunlit area of Orlando, echo untold stories.

As we unravel these narratives, we find tales of people and employees whose lives were intertwined with the resort. Operating under the banner of the Meyers Group, the hotel thrived in its prime, embodying the spirit of the sun-soaked fun that Orlando is renowned for.

Yet, strangely, the resort, famed for its bright sun and exhilarating resort ambiance, now stands abandoned. Unlike the usual state of dilapidated, abandoned posts, the Orlando Sun Resort posts retain a segment of their erstwhile glory. The sun splayed across the resort’s façade illuminates the charismatic chronicles of the resort hotel, mysteriously forgotten and abandoned by the hurly-burly of the city’s populace.

The role of Osceola County in the hotel’s fortunes and eventual desertion is also a matter of interest. Once buzzing with people and serving as a sought-after sun resort, this resort closed its doors but left many unanswered questions. 

The narrative of the Orlando Sun Resort is not just about an abandoned hotel but reflects the shifting trends of the hospitality industry. The stories the resort conceals within its abandoned posts offer glimpses of the hotel’s golden era and a sobering reminder of its dramatic decline. The saga of Orlando Sun Resort is still unraveling, adding more chapters to its legacy.

Why are abandoned hotels and resorts so fascinating?

Why is the notion of abandoned hotels so intriguing, especially ones like the Orlando Sun Resort Hotel? The appeal, particularly to Orlando residents, seems to originate from a blend of past grandeur and present eerie silence. Now abandoned, the Orlando Sun Resort was once a bustling activity hub, humming with guests’ comings and goings from far and wide.

As an architect, when I examine an abandoned hotel like this, I see much more than a neglected structure. Hotels are fascinating edifices designed meticulously to provide pleasant experiences for their guests. 

When abandoned, elements such as the many rooms bearing silent stories add a profound layer of intrigue.

The abandoned Orlando Sun Resort hotel, the Delta Resort, encapsulates all these intriguing factors. Now empty and silent, each room echoes past guests’ voices, compelling us to contemplate the untold stories and forgotten moments. 

Moreover, the abandoned hotels in Florida, like the Orlando Sun Resort, stand as quiet reminders of the cyclical nature of our existence, where a brooding stillness replaces bustling life.

Ever since guests stopped visiting, this Delta resort has been forgotten by many. However, it continues to fascinate both architects and casual observers because of its abandoned Atlus and the myriad mysteries it houses. Thus, abandoned hotels like the Orlando Sun Resort are fascinating, combining architectural grandeur with the poignant romance of bygone times.

Is it illegal to explore abandoned resorts?

In abandonment exploration, called urban exploration or ‘urbex,’ questions regarding legality often arise. Is it illegal to explore abandoned resorts such as the enigmatic Orlando Sun Resort near Walt Disney World? Specifically in Florida, the legality of exploration is cloaked by ambiguity, but warning urban explorers you don’t want to get in trouble here.

Intriguingly, explorers are drawn like a magnet towards the abandoned Atlas – an unusual site in the Jacksonville neighborhood, now silent evidence of grandeur lost.

The picturesque feature of these abandoned places, captured in high-quality images, ignites a unique blend of fascination and trepidation. Abandoned sites, old, corroded, and overrun by nature, charm the explorers and photographers alike, with their haunting beauty reflected in mirrors of still water that give the surroundings an eerie calmness. 

Walt Disney World, a symbol of childhood joy for many, holds a contradicting presence beside these abandoned specters in the heart of Florida, cashing in on the contrast.

Exploration, however, comes with inherent risks. There is a rational fear of intrusion into the privacy policy of the original owners of the abandoned resorts. While some explorers respect the laissez-faire approach, others ignore these boundaries, thus making the act illegal. 

The Hyatt chain, a revered name in the travel world, once expressed concerns over exploration of their abandoned properties, citing forthcoming plans to revive their structures.

Ultimately, the debate on whether it is illegal to explore these relics of the past hinges on respect for location and understanding of legal expectations controlling trespassing boundaries.

In conclusion, the Orlando Sun Resort remains a haunting enigma in architectural history. Its uncanny solitude mirrors the temporariness often found in lavish human endeavors. Despite being forgotten and withered, it retains a surreal allure, beckoning curious explorers and history enthusiasts alike. 

Abandoned, it may be, but irrelevant, never. Each crumbling wall and each overgrown courtyard alludes to an unequivocally vivid past. This resort is not merely an unoccupied structure; it is a powerful testament to changing times and trends, emblematic of the impermanence of grandeur. In its quiet decay, it embodies undeniable elegance and timeless testimony.


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