Best Places To Watch Harmonious Fireworks In Epcot

With the return of fireworks to Epcot anticipated for later this year, it’s time to start looking at where the best places are to view the fireworks each night. HarmonioUS is the upcoming spectacular which will be the permanent replacement for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, and fans are excited to see preparations already underway for the show. Fireworks in Epcot can be viewed from anywhere around World Showcase, however, there are certain spots that are better than others to watch the show. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite locations for watching night-time spectaculars in Epcot once they return. For any of these locations, you’ll want to try and arrive as early as possible to stake out a good spot and have a clear view of the show.

The Entrance to World Showcase

If you want a front-row view of the whole of World Showcase, the spot between the two gift shops at the entrance to the area offers an excellent view. However, this spot was previously reserved for FastPass+ viewing and dessert parties, so you may need to be taking part in either of these to enjoy this view.  You’ll want to get here very early if this space is open, as it offers one of the best all-round views over the water, allowing you to see all of the pavilions as they light up or are involved in the show.

Between the United Kingdom and France Pavilions

Connecting the United Kingdom and France pavilions is a small bridge, which offers an excellent view over the lagoon. You’ll enjoy a great view of the fireworks overhead as it’s set a little further back than other places to watch the fireworks. This is one of the most popular spots to watch the show, so make sure you get here early and stand at the front of the bridge for a clear view. The fireworks cruises actually park up under this space, so you can be sure you are in for an excellent view of the show. If you find this area is full when you arrive, head to the seating area near the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the UK pavilion, which offers seating right by the water.

Japan Pavillion
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One of the hidden secret areas to watch the show is from Japan’s Mitsukoshi Department Store. You’ll need to head up to the second floor, where you can stand just outside the windows of Tokyo Dining. It’s a great area to catch the show if you’ve just finished dinner at one of the Japan pavilion’s great restaurants. The Torii Gate will be in your photos, but we feel this is a fun addition to the shots. Plan to get here an hour before the fireworks begin to secure a spot for your family.

La Hacienda de San Angel

Time your reservation well for dinner at the Mexico pavilion, and you’ll enjoy a prime fireworks viewing location at La Hacienda de San Angel. This table-service restaurant offers waterfront views, which you can enjoy while sipping a margarita and sampling authentic Mexican cuisine. If you don’t manage to secure a reservation, try to head to somewhere near Mexico’s boat dock, as this offers another great view without too much obstruction. If you are short of time before the fireworks, anywhere between Mexico and Norway will offer you a fairly good view of the show without too many structures blocking your view.


While this spot isn’t always open to the public every night during fireworks shows, the Isola in Italy, which sticks out into the water, offers one of the best views in the whole park. You’ll feel like you are up-close with the fireworks and show on the lagoon, and it offers an extremely immersive experience. If this area isn’t available during your visit, keep walking around and find a spot between Italy and the American Adventure.

Rose & Crown Dining Room

Another great restaurant to enjoy the fireworks from is the Rose & Crown Dining Room in the United Kingdom pavilion. Try to book your dinner reservation for between 7:30 pm and 8 pm, which will mean you’ve finished eating by the time of the fireworks show. Arrive before your reservation time and ask if you can wait to be seated outdoors. However, even if you do have to dine inside, you can head outside when the fireworks start for a fantastic view of the show.

Canada Pavilion

The Canada pavilion is often overlooked by visitors who opt to head to the Mexico pavilion instead, but it has a few good spots to watch the show. Try to find an area where your view is unobstructed, which can be achieved by arriving 30 to 45 minutes before the show begins. If you are feeling a little hungry, pick up some of their delicious maple popcorn from the nearby stand to enjoy during the show.

Fireworks Cruises

Finally, if you are really looking to enjoy the fireworks in style, consider booking one of the fireworks cruises. These were a nightly occurrence when Illuminations: Reflections of Earth was showing, and hopefully, they will return in the future. You will hire a whole pontoon boat with a driver for you and your family, and you can upgrade to include snacks and drinks or an even fancier vessel for the show. Your boat will go on a short cruise around the Epcot resort area before heading over to the lagoon to watch the show from between France and the UK pavilion. It’s one of the most incredible experiences on property and well worth splashing out on for a birthday or anniversary.

We can’t wait to see fireworks return to Walt Disney World this year, and we hope you’ll enjoy viewing the new show from one of these top fireworks viewing locations. Wherever you choose to watch the show from, ensure you get there nice and early to secure your spot. A day at Epcot isn’t complete without watching the fireworks at the end of the day, and it’s something everyone in your family will remember as a highlight of their trip.

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