Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Jail Dog scene

Is There Really a Disney Jail at Walt Disney World?

Today we’re going to discover if there is a Disney jail and how it’s used to keep the magic alive in Walt Disney World each day.
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Another train crossing on top of our ride...will we end up in collision?

Behind the Magic: 12 Thunder Mountain Fun Facts

Here are 12 fun facts about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Get ready for the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!
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Disney World in January 2024 by Magical Guides

Insider’s Guide to Walt Disney World in January 2025

A trip to Walt Disney World in January can be the best time to go with beautiful weather, low crowds, and savings.
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Check out the Grand Floridian egg that is filled in daily, it takes about 3 hours for every 2 characters.

The Ultimate Guide to Disney World at Easter (2024)

If you are already planning your Walt Disney World vacation for next year, you might be wondering how they celebrate at the resort during Easter.
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This is what my classroom looked like before a new batch of students arrive for a new school year. Did you notice the Disney touches?

Don’t Miss These 2024 Discounts for Teachers at Disney

Do teachers get discounts at Disney World? The answer depends on the teacher and the time of year. Learn the details here.
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Disney World in May. Magical Guides May Calendar of Events.

Insider’s Guide to Walt Disney World in May 2024

May is one of the best times of year for anyone looking to plan a trip to Walt Disney World.
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Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom seen from the outside. It doesn't look as spooky on the outside.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion: 13 Facts Behind the Frights

Our tour begins here with 13 Fun Facts about the Haunted Mansion you probably didn’t know! Spooky!
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Cinderella's Castle inside Magic Kingdom. This iconic symbol doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Start a budget and save money with our 100 tips!

100 Smart Tips to Save Money at Disney World (2024)

Taking a Disney vacation can be a magical time for any family, but it can also be an expensive one.
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