Breaking News: Minnie’s New Look – Pantsuit

Minnie Mouse is trading in her red polka dot dress that fans know and love for for 90+ years. She isn’t rocking a pantsuit that was designed by just anyone, but designed by Stella McCartney. There’s no word yet if Minnie will rock out this new outfit at the Walt Disney World resort, but it will in March for Women’s History month in Disneyland Paris.

Good news to those that don’t care for it (it’s not our favorite either), it’s only temporary, and she will return to her polka dot dress when it gets back from the cleaners.

Minnie Mouse’s new look is even being consider an attack on society. *rolling eyes*
See this Tweet from Candace Owens.

There’s plenty that the Walt Disney Company changes that we might not agree with, but I don’t run the company. It’s their intellectual property, and if enough folks don’t agree with their changes, I can assure you, Bob Chapek as CEO it will change. Numbers make the world go around and Disney profitable.

That said, no one seems to have a problem with Donald Duck running around without pants still. (We know he’s a cartoon, and don’t really care.)

That all said, Minnie, you go girl, rock whatever they tell you to rock. Just know we love you for who you are on the inside – and we haven’t decided yet if we will buy your pantsuit ears when they hit the parks (we know their coming soon). We will rock the red and pink ears we have in our closets, because we stand with you to be you.

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