Best Places You Have To Eat In Magic Kingdom

When spending the day in Magic Kingdom, you’ll want to make sure you plan for some great meals to give you and your family the energy you need to run around this massive park. With so many quick service and table service dining options to choose from, it can be tricky to know where would be the best places to go with your family. Keep reading as we share a selection of the best places to eat in the Magic Kingdom. Make sure you book in advance for table service dining reservations in this park, as it can often be quite challenging to book last minute.

Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants

Liberty Tree Tavern

If you are looking to enjoy a large feast with your family for lunch or dinner, head to the Liberty Tree Tavern. You can enjoy a family-style Thanksgiving dinner at any time of the year, and we highly recommend you order the Patriot’s Platter, which is the standard meal on offer here. There are six different dining rooms you might be seated in, each of which is named after a historical figure. We also appreciate the addition of the plant-based Tavern Keeper’s Feast on the menu here, making it a good option for anyone in your travel party.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest is one of the most popular dining locations in the whole of Walt Disney World. If you are looking to enjoy a meal here, make sure you book on the first day possible to avoid disappointment. It previously had a breakfast option on offer, but that’s yet to return following the recent pandemic. There are three beautiful dining rooms to choose from, and you’ll find that each time you visit, you will get a completely different experience. Currently, they offer a three-course prix fixe meal here, which is inspired by French cuisine.

Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

The dining options in the Magic Kingdom have certainly improved over the years, and you’ll find that the Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen is a great option for adults who are looking for something a little more exotic. The menu here is packed with innovative menu items, such as the “Tastes like Chicken” Because it is! entrée and Coconut Bar with Pineapple-Basil Compote and Vanilla Cream for dessert. It also offers some of the best plant-based options on Disney property, so it will cater to anyone in your family’s needs.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

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No list of places to dine in the Magic Kingdom would be complete without mentioning Cinderella’s Royal Table. This bucket-list restaurant is somewhere that any Disney fan needs to try at least once, but it can be quite a challenge to secure a reservation. You’ll dine in the middle of the castle, overlooking the Magic Kingdom down below. You’ll enjoy a three-course meal here, with a choice of five entrees. We highly recommend the Tenderloin of Beef or the Braised Lamb Shank, both of which will make for a filling meal in this unique setting.

Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants

Main Street Bakery

If you need your morning coffee fix to start out your day, head to the Main Street Bakery. This is the park’s Starbucks outlet, but they also offer some delicious bakery items that would do for a quick breakfast. The wait times here can often be incredibly long, so make sure you don’t waste your precious park time in the morning here if it’s too busy. They offer breakfast sandwiches in the morning, so it’s sometimes a good idea to skip breakfast at the resort and head here instead to beat the crowds to the most popular attractions. Look out for seasonal drinks on offer for something unique to enjoy on your next visit.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

When you are starting to feel tired in the afternoon, head to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square for an afternoon pick-me-up. They have some of the park’s best snacks on offer here, including a delicious waffle sandwich and funnel cakes. It’s not really a location for a full meal, but it’s great for a snack to share with your partner. It’s located close to the fireworks viewing location, so it’s perfect for grabbing a snack before settling down to wait for the fireworks. Also, for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to try a Mickey Waffle on their trip yet, they offer them here topped with strawberries, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.

Columbia Harbour House

This is one of our favorite hidden gems in the Magic Kingdom if you want to enjoy a sit down away from the crowds. After ordering your meal, head upstairs, where you’ll find spacious dining areas with fewer crowds than other dining options. The food here is primarily fried food, such as fried shrimp, battered fish, and chicken nuggets. They also offer some lighter options though, including salads and grilled salmon. Make sure you use the mobile ordering service here to save time waiting in crowds and to get your food as quickly as possible on a busy day in the park.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café

Pecos Bill is probably our number one choice for a quick service location in the Magic Kingdom. It offers an extensive menu that’s great for kids and adults, and you’ll find that there’s plenty of seating to escape the crowds on a busy day in the park. One of the highlights of any meal here is visiting the toppings bar, where you can add sour cream, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, and salad to your meals. It can get a little noisy here at peak dining times, but it’s a great spot for the whole family.

Casey’s Corner

When you enter the park via Main Street, U.S.A., you’ll always notice a crowd surrounding Casey’s Corner. This is one of the most famous dining locations in the Magic Kingdom, and it offers all of your classic American dishes. Enjoy French fries, hot dogs, corn dog nuggets, and much more here. Kids and teens will love dining here and enjoying their favorite dishes, and you won’t want to miss out on the extensive selection of toppings for the hot dogs, such as bacon macaroni and cheese.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

When your family is struggling to agree on where to eat in the Magic Kingdom, head to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. There are three different bays to order from here, which all offer different menu items to fit everyone’s needs. While the menu primarily offers typical American cuisine, there are still plenty of plant-based and lighter options on offer. Little kids will also enjoy visiting here, as they’ll be excited to watch Sonny Eclipse, who is an audio-animatronic, perform while they are dining. It’s also one of the best locations to accommodate different allergies, as they have an extensive menu with modifications to the typical offerings available.

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When spending a day in the Magic Kingdom, make sure you plan ahead to avoid disappointment when dining in the park. The table service restaurants in the park often book up incredibly quickly, so make sure you are logged on 60 days in advance of your trip, so that you don’t miss out. Try to avoid peak dining times where possible, as you’ll receive your food much quicker and enjoy a quieter dining experience. The Magic Kingdom has so many different dining options, but by choosing one of the best places to eat in the park shared above, you’ll enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal each and every visit.

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