55 of the Best Anger Quotes from Inside Out (1 and 2)

One of my favorite characters from the Inside Out movies is Anger. He has some great lines in the movies and his anger is just so relatable to everyday situations. I have put together a list of Anger quotes from Inside Out and Inside Out 2, plus some fun facts about this important character.

Anger from Inside Out
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Anger from Inside Out, Photo by felker/Deposit Photos

Anger Quotes: Inside Out and Inside Out 2

Inside Out is sometimes considered one of the saddest Pixar movies, while others may consider it a funny movie overall. When we first saw it 10 years ago my youngest daughter cried so hard. (RIP Bing Bong!) Yet, there was also much laughter in the midst of all of the emotions inside Riley’s mind that we got to experience throughout the movie.

Anger is one of the funniest characters in these movies due to his angry outbursts and the fact that he literally bursts into flames when he gets upset. He has some hilarious quotes throughout the movies as he portrays his own anger and Riley’s anger.

You will even see Riley’s mom and Riley’s dad experience their own anger emotions throughout the films.

Inside Out Quotes

These quotes are from Inside Out that was released by Pixar Animation Studios on June 19, 2015. The movie is set inside the mind of a young girl named Riley.

She is a happy young lady who plays on a hockey team in her small Midwestern town. Her life is turned upside down when Riley’s father gets a job in San Francisco and she has to move. This is when ALL the emotions start to come out!

“You want a piece of this, Pops?”
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Anger Quotes

These are quotes that Anger speaks in the control room of Riley’s mind as different events are happening throughout her life and in the movie.

1.”Did I ask for the gum commercial?”

2. “We should lock the door and scream that curse word we know.”

3. “So, is that how you want to play it, old man? No dessert? Oh, sure. We’ll eat our dinner right after you eat this!”

4. “I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear.”

5. “Wait. Did he just say we couldn’t have dessert?”

6. “That’s the one. It comes with a dragon!”

7. “All the good core memories were made in Minnesota. Ergo, we go back to Minnesota and make more. TA-DA!”

8. “No, Joy. There’s absolutely no reason for Riley to be happy right now. Let us handle this.”

9. “Friendship Island has expanded. Glad they finally opened that Friendly Argument section.”

10. “These are my kind of people.”

11. “You want a piece of this, Pops?”

13. "Congratulations, San Francisco, you've ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now you!"
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Riley’s Anger

These quotes are Riley’s Anger throughout the movie, as well as quotes that Anger says about Riley as he is trying to make sure that things are fair in her life.

12. “Can’t stand it! Can’t stand it!”

13. “Congratulations, San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now you!”

14. “Oh, really? You think that’s going to help?”

15. “You want me to be happy? Fine. I’ll be happy.”

16. “She just wants me to explode.”

17. “Are you kidding me? Of course, we’re mad!”

18. “That’s how you want to play it? Well, let’s play!”

19. “No, no, no, no! We’re not supposed to go back there!”

20. “If this is what happy feels like, count me out!”

21. “That’s it. We have no control. It’s over. Riley’s gone.”

22. “You think we should be happy? Try being happy now!”

23. “This has gone on long enough!”

24. “We’re not putting up with this anymore!”

"I say we lock the door and scream that curse word we know."
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Mother’s Anger

Anger is also represented in the mother’s emotions throughout the film.

26. “Fine, but I’m through with making the best of things!”

27. “Great! Now we’re locked in here!”

28. “What’s the point? Just sit tight until something horrible happens.”

29. “I don’t want to have to put up with this anymore.”

30. “No dessert? Are you kidding me?”

31. “We’ve been through a lot lately, that’s for sure.”

32. “I say we lock the door and scream that curse word we know.”

33. “This is the worst day of my life!”

"The foot is down! The foot is down!"
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Father’s Anger

Anger does a great job portraying a father’s anger that can be pretty relatable throughout the movie.

34. “The foot is down! The foot is down!”

35. “Oh, I’ll show you attitude, old man!”

36. “Alright, alright! Break it up!”

37. “Let’s see how she likes it when we’re angry all the time!”

38. “This is ridiculous! We can’t keep doing this!”

39. “That is it! I’m done!”

40. “Don’t touch me!”

41. “We’re supposed to be happy! Can’t you just be happy?”

42. “Great! Let’s ruin dinner now, too.”

43. “Is it garbage day?”

44. “Fire!”

"Joy, you've made a lot of mistakes and you'll make a lot more in the future, but if you let that stop you well then we might as well stop and lay down now."
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Anger Quotes From Inside Out 2

These are quotes from Anger in Inside Out 2 that was released on June 14, 2024. Inside Out 2 introduces a few new emotions that would be found in the mind of a teenager going through puberty.

45. “Ever since that alarm went off, nothing around here works!”

46. “If Joy can’t see that, well then she’s delusional!”

47. “OOO! The Fire Hawks! Finally a team I can get behind!”

48. “Aren’t those traitors dead to us?”

49. “Over my dead flaming body!”

50.”We’ll become best friends than I punt her into the garbage!”

51. “Ever since that puberty alarm went off everything stopped working the way it should work!”

52. “If Joy can’t see that well then she’s DELUSIONAL!”

53. “Joy, you’ve made a lot of mistakes and you’ll make a lot more in the future, but if you let that stop you well then we might as well stop and lay down now.”

54.”Then we buy flowers for the loosing team. What?! I can’t be angry all the time!”

55. “I have an idea but I really don’t like it.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Anger in Inside Out

Who is Anger?

Anger is one of the main characters in Disney Pixar’s Inside Out and Inside Out 2. He is a bright red, fiery emotion that lives inside Riley’s head. He shows all feelings of rage, irritation and frustration. He works along side the other emotions with Joy being the leader.

When Joy and Sadness get lost in Riley’s memories he now has to work with Fear and Disgust and wants to be the one in charge of the console of Riley’s emotions. He is very passionate about making sure that things are fair for Riley. 

Since he has to stay on top of everything, he has to get all of the other emotion’s attention. The only way he can do this is by getting really angry! When he is pushed too far his head bursts into fiery flames!

Who is the voice of Anger?

Anger is voiced by stand up comedian Lewis Black who uses rage as part of his comic persona, so he does a good job at portraying anger with a show of force. He has had guests roles in some television comedies and as a voice actor.

You may recognize his voice in: SpongeBob SquarePantsTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesScooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and The Penguins of Madagascar.

What are Anger’s hobbies?

Anger’s favorite hobby is reading the newspaper daily to see what happens to Riley and the days that make up her life. He also takes great pleasure in seeing other people getting angry and getting into arguments.

Who is Anger based off of?

According to director Pete Docter, each emotion in the movies are based off of some type of shape. Anger is based off of a fire brick. This is why he is bright red, short and shaped like a brick.

What are the Inside Out Characters Based On?

The thing that most people find so relatable and fascinating about the Inside Out franchise is that the characters in the movie are based on real core emotions that every human being experiences.

Pixar consulted with Dr. Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Dr. Paul Ekman, an expert on emotions. These insights helped the film’s portrayal of emotions to be true and relatable as well as scientifically grounded.

These are the emotion characters in Pixar’s Inside Out Movies:

  • Joy played by Amy Poehler
  • Sadness played by Phyllis Smith
  • Fear played by Bill Hader in Inside Out 1 and Tony Hale in Inside Out 2
  • Anger played by Lewis Black
  • Disgust played by Mindy Kaling in Inside Out 1 and Liza Lapira Inside Out 2
  • Anxiety played by Maya Hawke
  • Envy played by Ayo Edibiri
  • Ennui played by Adèle Exarchopoulos
  • Embarrassment played by Paul Walter Hauser
  • Nostalgia played by June Squibb

What are the colors of the memory orbs in Inside Out?

The memory orbs are a major part of Pixar’s Inside Out movies and each memory orb has a different color that represent a specific emotion.

  • Yellow = Joy: a happy memory
  • Blue = Sadness: a sad memory
  • Green = Disgust: a disgusting memory
  • Purple = Fear: a scary memory
  • Red = Anger: an angry memory
  • Orange = Anxiety: and anxious memory
  • Turquoise = Envy: an envious moment
  • Indigo = Ennui (Apathy and Boredom)
  • Pink = Embarrassment: an embarrassing moment
55 of the best anger quotes inside out
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Can You Meet Anger at Disney World?

Unfortunately, Anger is not available to meet at Disney World. The best way to see Anger is at Disney’s California Adventure at Pixar Pier during the Pixar Fest.

Hollywood Studios

You can usually meet Joy (another one of my favorite emotions) at Epcot at Image Works which is located near Journey to Imagination with Figment.

Since the release of Inside Out 2, Joy can now be met at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can now meet Joy at Pixar Plaxa on the way to Toy Story Land. There will also be a new limited-time Inside Out 2 photo wall.  

Watch a sneak peek of Inside Out 2,  over at the Walt Disney Presents Theatre in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This sneak peek will include all the characters from the movie, including Anger.

Check out this Pixar video on Anger from Inside Out

Final Thoughts

The Inside Out movies are wonderful movies that the whole family will love. They are truly relatable and really make you think about how important our emotions are and how they work together to make us well rounded.

Younger audiences may find themselves a little sad and overwhelmed by all of the emotions, but they will find it funny and enjoyable. Of course, parents love these movies because they are so relatable to watch. They will bring some tears for sure though!

Who is your favorite emotion from Inside Out?

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